Backlinks are vital in getting your page ranked in the Google Search Engine world. By getting higher rankings in Google, you will get more visits which turns to more money in cases where you are being reimbursed for visits to your website or article.

Backlinks are a link from your site or article to another site or article. You can link to a website, blog or article. Search engines use backlinks by seeing the link on a site (yours or someone else’s) and sending the spiders over to your site. As they send the spiders to your site, they index your site which provides a search engine organically as an alternative to you manually going over and entering it. This entire process is automated over and over again with each backlinks that you create. The search engines prefer the information entered this way rather than you entering the information.

Backlinks can be placed nearly anywhere and everywhere on the web. Consider signatures on forums, some offer payment for backlinks and a great place to use backlinks is in blogs.

Search for a blog similar to your backlink content. Read the blog and leave a comment to the post. After finishing reading the blog and adding your signature, include a link to the site that you want the search engine to follow up and go look at. In addition to having the search engine linking and rating your link, other readers on the blog will also hopefully link to your article, site or website.

Creating a backlink is rather simple. You will need to know the URL of the site you want to build the link for. If you want to send web searchers to you front page, a specific article or page within your site, have the precise URL for the information. There is a specific html code to make a link;


A link must have a keyword. Avoid using a keyword located in the title of your blog, website or article. Avoid using the keyword located in the title because the search engine will recognize it in your URL. Select a keyword that is pertinent to your information you are forwarding readers to review.

Blogs are great for backlinks. However, consider the page ranking of the blog itself prior to determining whether or not you want to create your backlink to the blog. The ideal blog will rank a minimum of 4. However, you may not have that option. You can leave a backlink with a lower page ranking but ideally it should rank high for the most benefit from your work.

Determining the blogs page ranking and looking for those with a higher ranking page could be a tedious process that in the end after hours of work, you may not be fruitful. The hours of work in finding the blogs doesn’t include creating the backlinks and leaving signatures and comments.

There are pieces of software available that can make the process easier and cut down on the amount of work involved.

Credit: google images