This is not a glowing review of  any particular motorcycle lift or motorcycle lift table. Rather this article is written to alert you to some problems customers have had with some models. We hope that by using this article to began your search you will avoid any badly designed or shoddily built lift.

A motorcycle lift is a serious tool which is designed for lifting and supporting heavy motorcycles and ATVs. When properly designed and well built they are really the only safe method for raising motorcycles and ATVs to a comfortable level while performing maintenance, cleaning, or other necessary tasks.  Any busy motorcycle mechanic will tell you that they would be severely hampered if their lift did not perform properly.

We have found while researching the various models available that some models receive glowing reports from previous customers and yet the same models will have what seems to be a greater number than normal of negative reviews. This would seem to be reason enough to do some serious searching before making a decision on the right motorcycle lift or motorcycle lift table for your situation.

Raising an 800 pound vehicle several feet off the ground with a poorly designed or manufactured motorcycle lift is a prescription for damage to the vehicle or worse, injury to the mechanic. To help you find the right lift we have listed a number of complaints that we have found while searching customer comments.

Look Closely At Negative Remarks To Make Sure The Customer Did Not Abuse The Lift

While doing your research you should always weigh the number of positive comments against the negatives. Sometimes you will find that perhaps the customer making the complaint had used the lift improperly possibly by overloading it or in some cases purchasing the wrong lift for his or her machines.

Here are the most common complaints:
Motorcycle Lift PadsCredit: Amazon
   * Design or capacity of the lift. Make sure you check the manufactures descriptions to determine the lift capacity and just as importantly the maximum range of length, width, weight capacity and the maximum range of the lift pads to make sure they will extend enough for any vehicle you will be lifting.

   * Manufacturer and location of factory. We noticed a number of comments stating that the customer had previously used a particular model and were completely satisfied with it. However when purchasing a second lift of the same model they discovered that the manufacturer had moved their factory to China and the newer model had shoddy construction. The welds appeared to be poorly done, material thickness was reduced making the lift wobbly and screws and bolts were actually threaded into sheet metal instead of a more substantial material making them prone to stripping.

   * Customer service. This appears to be a common complaint against some manufacturers. Slow response or no response at all to customer requests. Anyone who has purchased any product and found that some piece or part was missing or defective to the point that the tool could not be used can surely understand customer aggravation to poor customer support.

Missing parts or damage in shipping.  Nothing is more aggravating that have something that will not work simply because of one or two missing parts or to discover that the item was damaged in shipping. You should make sure yo make your purchase form a retailer that will back up their sales.

Shoddy Construction Is Inexcusable And Can Be Dangerous

On one particular design the customer found that if he attempted to move the lift by pulling on the lift handle it would quickly strip out. An inspection revealed that the handle was secured to the lift with a sheet metal screw that was threaded in one side of a very thin metal tube.Motorcycle Lift Handle ConnectionCredit: Amazon A quick fix could be to modify this yourself by drilling all the way through the handle and using a bolt inserted completely through both sides of the tube and securing the bolt with a nut. A simple fix but one wonders what in the world the manufacturer was thinking when they allowed this type of shoddy engineering. Could the cost of a decent bolt and a drilled hole be enough reason to ruin an otherwise quality product?

Quality Motorcycle Lifts Are Available

In conclusion we believe that it is relatively easy to purchase a quality motorcycle lift or motorcycle lift  table if you first spend a little time reviewing the previous customer comments available on Amazon. While you are doing your research also review the comments for motorcycle stands, motorcycle ramps and if you need to transport your bike you may need to find a solid motorcycle carrier. If you have access to a motorcycle mechanic be sure to seek out his advice about motorcycle lifts he has used and would recommend.