Owning a dog can be a lot of fine but there are some consequences that you may have to deal with if you own a fierce dog. Some people may post a "beware of dog" sign simply because they want to scare off burglars and people that shouldn't be trespassing on their property. What these people don't know is that they could be setting themselves up for a difficult time dealing with the law. These signs really aren't as beneficial to you as you think they are. When using a "beware of dog" sign, you are letting adults know that your dog could be vicious if approached. This means that as the owner, you are aware that your dog could bite if someone got too close. If your dog were to bite or be vicious to someone it could lead to having your dog taken away from you and possibly put to sleep. It could also lead to hefty fines for the owners.

Unfortunately, by using this sign you are simply letting adults know the dangers. You must assume that children can't read and do not know any better. This means that you must do everything you can from preventing your dog to get near a child. Whether you have it in a kennel or double lock your front doors, you must keep the dog away if a child finds a way in.

There are many other choices to use rather than "beware of dog". "Dog on premise" is one of them. This is telling people who enter your home that you own a dog and he is not aggressive. This means that if that dog were to bite you would get in less trouble since you weren't aware it was a problem and he has never done it before. This is when it could change to the trespassers fault. Just to recap-if the trespasser enters on a "beware of dog" sign and the dog bites you will get the dg taken away from you from not keeping him far enough away from the intruder. Now, if you were using a "dog on premise" sign and the dog were to bite you would most likely get a warning since you know that his temper is not usually like this.

Although it may not seem fair that even if someone comes inside your house and your dog attacks you could be charged, it is the law and you will have to work with it. It is very important to use your words wisely when posting any kinds of signs in your property that is visible to people on the outside. The use of wrong words could cause a lot of trouble. It is also helpful to understand what type of breed you are dealing with. When picking out a dog, it is best to pick out a breed that has a good temperament and is good with people. Especially if you have kids or invite kids over owning a dog that is well behaved is a must.