The newest craze for providing a sweet treat at special events is using cheap candy jars for candy buffet tables. These stylish buffets are turning up at all kinds of occasions. They’ve been used for baby showers, wedding receptions, birthday parties and graduations. They are even turning up at anniversary and retirement parties. Essentially, you can find candy to coordinate with any holiday or event. Choose themed candy for Halloween, Christmas or a harvest celebration. Some people choose candy according to color, such as when they are coordinating the candy’s color to the wedding’s colors.

A candy buffet can make a stylish and eye-catching display. Of course, the candy is only half of the equation. What really makes this arrangement stand out is the jars that are used.

Many Different Ways to Make a Beautiful Display

The kinds of jars that can be used for this refreshment table is as endless as your imagination. For a presentation that includes plenty of depth and interest, it makes sense to use containers of various shapes and sizes. For example, you might place tall apothecary jars at the back of the table and use smaller bowls at the front. You can even select medium sizes to scatter in between the large and small.

Get Creative with Display Techniques

To make tall containers appear even taller, and to add some depth, place a phone book or a box under them. The phone books could be covered with a nice linen table-cloth or the boxes could be wrapped up in color coordinated paper. This way, you can buy smaller jars that will cost less, yet still create a visually stunning display that gives the illusion that you used many different sized containers.

Clear Glass Puts Candy on Display

Clear glass jars are the overwhelmingly popular choice for these displays. They look elegant, are easy to clean and let guests see how beautiful and delicious the candy they hold is. Try to match the size of the container to the size of the candy as much as possible. Large jawbreakers don’t belong in very small jars, for instance. Similarly, jelly beans would look more at home in a smaller receptacle. Using a smaller jar for little candies also means you don’t have to buy quite so much of it.

Where to Find Cheap Candy Jars

You can use pretty nearly any jar to use in a buffet, but some options are certainly cheaper than others. It’s possible to score unique and unusual jars at great prices by shopping at thrift stores. This is certainly an economical choice. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to make a coordinated presentation because you probably won’t find matching pieces. If you are feeling really creative and have the time to do a lot of searching, then this option can be a good one for you. If you’re looking for an alternative that is still affordable but allows you to make a coordinated display, then one of these other options may work for you.

The Save on Crafts Website

Save on Crafts is an excellent resource for brides and other party planners. They have just about any craft supplies you can think of and they have an impressive collection of containers. Their selection of glass apothecary jars is really exceptional. They come in clear and mercury glass. Some feature glass lids while others have metal. Tall, slender varieties are available as well as others that take on a rounder shape. Additionally, the website sells various bowls and other containers that can be mixed on the table with the apothecaries. Save on Crafts provides a discount when you purchase multiple items, making them a consistently affordable choice.

The Amazon Website

Amazon provides a nice selection of gracefully shaped containers at astonishingly low prices. Some products are offered directly by Amazon, but many are offered by other sellers. This makes it easy to shop several different places at once. At Amazon, you’ll be able to purchase jars singly or in sets. If you are looking to stock a full buffet table, then this may be a sensible choice as buying sets can be cheaper than buying one piece at a time. You may also be able to qualify for free shipping.

The Koyal Wholesale Website

Koyal features wholesale pricing and a wide selection. In addition to apothecary styles, they also prominently feature cloche bells with trays. Mixing in cloche bells with apothecary styles creates stunning visual interest. This is an elegant touch that shows just how much thought you put into creating the perfect candy buffet. Koyal also sells vases and bowls so you can create a nice variety of shapes and sizes on the table.

The Modern Vase and Gift Website

Excellent prices prevail at this retail website, and with their outstandingly wide selection, it’s possible to find everything you need to stock your buffet except the candy. Cloche and apothecary styles are widely available. If you are placing a particularly large order, then you may qualify for free shipping.

Craft Stores

Chain craft retailers like Michael’s and Joann Fabric and Craft Stores frequently carry a nice selection of glass jars at reasonable prices. These stores have the added benefit of being brick and mortar retailers where you can pick up the buffet supplies you need without having to pay shipping. Shopping at one of these stores also gives you the benefit of being able to carefully inspect each piece before you make a purchase. In addition, the customer service representatives can give you hints about how to dress up the various jars and bowls with labels, ribbons and other embellishments.

Reusing Buffet Pieces

Any of the retailers mentioned above carry a wide variety of high quality jars that will look beautiful whenever you bring them out for a special occasion. However, many of these pieces are so lovely that you’ll want to use them all the time. The wonderful thing about these decorative pieces is that you can use them absolutely anytime and in any place. Fill them with colorful river rocks or sea shells. Use ornamental balls at Christmas to create a stunning centerpiece. Some may be filled with potpourri or glass beads. The possibilities are practically endless. These inexpensive glass pieces are beautiful, useful and allow you to exercise your creativity to the fullest.