Save Money Drying Clothes Outdoors

Drying clothes outside is a great way to save electricity or gas, and have nice smelling fresh clothes.  Setting up an outside clothesline system all depends on the room you have.  You can get clothesline poles to create a large permanent setup.

You no longer have to have a pulley in a large tree or wooden pole somewhere (unless of course you like that setup!) you can now get sturdy metal clothesline poles that are designed just for this purpose. 

The one pictured is a great way to go, because it is wide enough for 5 runs of clothesline, which is a practical way to hang up a lot of laundry without running out of space as you might on other lines.

You can use these in conjunction with those 5 line retractable clotheslines that attach to the house, or you can simple get two of these poles and thread five lines of clothesline wire for maximum room.

If you can leave it set up permanently then using two of these poles is a great way to go.  You don’t have that big line clear across the backyard and you can still dry all of your loads of laundry outside.  You can decide how far apart these poles should go.

These clothesline poles are permanently put in the ground, many come with installation kits to make it easier such as a sleeve for the pole to fit in when you have created a hole for it.

This style of clothes line can be used all year round and left setup in the yard.  Just make sure a purchase the specially designed clothesline wire, so that it will not droop or rust.

Drying your clothes outside is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and help to do your part for the environment.  With the nicer weather here, it is nice to hang your clothes up outside now.  Plus with more and more of the fabrics going back to natural, it is better for them not to go in the electric heated dryer.clothesline poles

So, use the free air outside to dry your clothes, 3" Diameter Clothesline Post (White) (6'H x 48"W x 3"D)save money, and enjoy the fresh scent.  Sheets dried outside, just make a bed and the whole room smell fresh.  If you find your schedule too hard for incorporating drying clothes outside, then consider setting up some kind of schedule so that you can hang a load of laundry out the night before and bring it in the next day when you get home from work, or have this something other family members should do, split it up over the week.

There was a time, not so long ago, when no one used an electric or gas dryer and drying clothes on the line was the only way to go.  In the winter lines were setup in the basement and as soon as spring arrived, clothes were put out on the line. 

So, find yourself a nice clothes basket and keep it near the laundry for putting in the damp clothes to head outside, and get a fresh package of clothes pegs and then there will be no excuse.  If you have everything ready to go, and you are not searching for the pegs or the basket, then you can resist that temptation to throw them in the dryer.

Plus once you see how much lower your electric bill will go, you may want to continue with this system by setting up an indoor clothes dryer for the not so nice days. 

So, if you have a larger laundry load, then consider purchasing clothesline poles and setting up a five line independent system so you can get all those clothes on the line drying in the breeze.  Also see portable umbrella clothesline for more ideas.