A blog is supposed to be a communal experience in this day and age, but a lot of those who run blogs forget about that. If you want to have a truly exceptional blog that is going to serve as a good place for people to be able to get together and really enjoy what you have to share with them, then it is definitely a good strategy to think about how you want to achieve this. The people who come to read your blog are not just droves of faceless folks who want to be spoken to, they often crave being able to speak back. The web is not the same sort of passive experience we get from books, TV or even the radio. When we are reading blogs, there is the additional option to leave a comment and a lot of people will actually take you up on this offer if you allow for it. By choosing to allow comments, you are saying that you value the opinions of your readers and want them to feel like the blog is also a place where they can share information or speak their minds if they would like to.

Now, while it is certainly fair to say that not all comments are created equal, there are many people who do use blog comments for the right purposes. If you encounter a situation where you get unwanted comments, you can easily prune them out. However, when someone leaves an insightful comment, there are many blog owners who are not actually sure how they should respond. The difficulty here is that they are not entirely sure whether they should act differently than they do in a blog post where they may be a bit more planned out in what they have to say. If you are presenting yourself as an expert on a particular topic or niche, then it might wise to consider your reply thoroughly first, but otherwise you can certainly be loose and conversational without losing your readers' respect in the majority of cases. This can even be the part of the blog where you let yourself relax a bit more and mingle with the readers.

Don't forget that you do yourself a big favor when you actually respond to comments that are left by readers. This shows your audience that you are attentive to what they have to say and that you care about their comments. Readers really are your greatest resource because word of mouth advertising is the very best kind. If you treat your readers with respect and you genuinely value their contribution, which is not paid for, to your blog's success, then it is easy to enjoy the commenting process.