Make Money At Home

A while back I stumbled upon a very easy way to make money at home in my spare time. It's not a lot mind you but it can make a difference to people or families on a very tight budget. To use this method you have to be a bit forward thinking and you have to be patient.

Craigslist has become so popular in recent years that it's hard to find anyone that has not used it's services. Most people use Craigslist to sell off old belongings in the form of a digital yard sale whereas others use it to find used gems for a discount price. I figured why can't you use it do do both and make a profit? I gave it a try and I found that you can indeed make money at home by buying and selling electronics on Craigslist. I suppose you could sell anything but electronics are easy to price and therefore they are my favorite items to flip.

If you don't want to try to make money writing online but instead want to try to make money at home by flipping items on Craigslist, you are gong to have to have a small sum of money to invest in the first place. You are also going to have to have some patience and a basic understanding of the full functionality of the site.

Make Money At Home With Craigslist

To summarize the process you want to buy items on Craigslist such as electronics, value gold jewelry, or even antiques but you want to get rock bottom prices. Once you find a fire-sale price you make a purchase and then relist the same item on Craigslist for a marked up price. This works because you are essentially waiting for sellers who need to sell quickly thus they are willing to sell for a low price and then you wait to sell the same item to those people who need an item quickly and are willing to pay more for the same item.

The spread between the two is how you make money at home and the basis for your work from home business. This is important to note however because you are really not making money at home in your spare time if you become obsessed with this. What I like to do is to keep a revolving list about two or three items that I transact in. This means that I don't interest myself in volume I want consistency so that I don't have to give this process much thought and hardly any time. I want to make money at home with as little work as possible.

To accomplish this I research a few items that sell on Craigslist in my locality fairly frequently. If it's too frequently then the profit margin is likely not there. The best investing idea is to look for things listed two or three times a week. I then identify what the low end of the sales spectrum is versus the high end. Depending on the item you choose this could be a spread of ten to one hundred dollars. I like finding items with a spread between low and high of about thirty dollars that way my investment is low and I don't risk much since I'm putting this on auto-pilot.

Items that fit this description for me are particular models of digital cameras or sterling silver necklaces, or anything else in roughly $100 price range. I then go to Craigslist and setup a search string using advanced variable to populate only with my desired item down to the smallest detail. I don't want a list of items that is one hundred items long; I want a list of only my product which happens to be posted a few times a week.

Next to put this make money at home scheme on autopilot I subscribe to the RSS feed that Craigslist provides and have any potential items for sale delivered to my email box. When a new email comes into the box I know there is an item for sale that matches my parameters so I contact the person selling the product and make the sale if it is at or under my low-end bid. If you do this you will not buy everything that is listed; only the items which go for the low-end.

Next I setup a single ad for this item with a markup to the high-end of the price range and immediately repost the ad on Craigslist. I always save the one ad I make because I only intend on selling the same thing over and over. I don't want to have to craft an ad every time I have an item to post. I also list in the ad that I'm only willing to make the sale form my home because I don't want to be inconvenienced by my make money at home scheme. I want it to be as unobtrusive as possible. Depending on your situation you can be as accommodative to your customers as you like.

The point here is that I do a bit of work once in selecting items that I want to buy and sell on Craigslist for a profit and then I put as much of it onto autopilot as I can and I setup every transaction to be as easy for me to accomplish as possible. If someone want to sell something bad enough they will come to me and charge me a little. Vice-versa, if someone wants something bad enough they will come to me and pay a premium. I'm not relying on this income solely so it's not in my best interest to go for volume. I want to make money at home by accepting a healthy profit margin on low volume and anyone can do this if they are dedicated to it.

Depending on your situation and availability you could even up your product offerings further to provide a higher potential of profits. As long as you remember that carrying larger inventories is a greater hassle to manage from a casual standpoint. If however you don't have a job this is a good and easy way to pocket a couple hundred extra dollars a month. You can make money from home by buying and selling on Craigslist; just stay patient and stick to your predetermined rules. Buy and sale points are not negotiable.