Credit Card PerksHave you ever really looked into what perks your credit card offers? I recently found out that I have roadside assistance as a perk of my credit card. There are many others too. For example, some offer a price protection plan or a price guarantee, so if you purchase an item with your card and the price drops, you can get money back. How great is that! Read on to find out more.

What you need:

* Your personal credit card information

* Credit card issuers phone number or website address.

* Ability to read the fine print

What to do:

*First of all, to find out what perks your credit cards offer, you need to read through the pamphlet that comes with your card. You may know it as the small print pamphlet that most people just throw away. This is the main reason that these perks are not often used. The credit card companies don't do a great job of advertising them, but they are available, so read the fine print. If you have lost or thrown away that information, just call your credit card company to request a new one. This information may also be available on the card's website, so check that out too if that is easier for you.

*Here is a list of a few perks your credit card company may offer:

Roadside Assistance:

If you break down or have a flat and don't have a AAA membership, your card may offer this as a perk.

Extended Warranty:

Many cards offer some type of extended warranty on products that you purchase with your card. It is usually an extra year beyond the manufacturers warranty. Look into this before you purchase an extended warranty from the store. This is great for electronics purchases.


If you are renting a car and using your credit card, chances are that you do not need to purchase the insurance the rental company offers. Many credit cards offer this as a perk, so this could save you about 20 bucks a day.

Lost luggage protection:

Check to see if your card offers to reimburse you the cost of your luggage and personal belongings if your luggage gets lost, stolen, or damaged.

Price protection:

If you buy an item with your card and the price goes down within 30 days, or maybe even more, you are entitled to a refund of the amount that you paid over the new price. Check the fine print to see what the terms and conditions are on this. You may be able to save hundreds if you keep your eye on prices.

Discounts at certain stores for using your particular card:

This website will allow you to select your type of card and then click on the perks button to see what type of discount is available at certain retailers when you use that card. Log on to This is the credit card perks directory. It is great if you are shopping for a gift or getting ready to go on a vacation. You could save a lot of money.