Having a pool in backyard is a luxury. You can get a dip in it's inviting water any time of the day, any day of any season. You can throw parties, have family get togethers in a beautiful setting. You can invite friends for a cool lazy night out and spend hours talking, having fun or practically doing nothing in the pool or by the pool.

However where there is pool, there are pool supplies. Having things like cleaning supplies, hoses, towels, barbeque accessories, chemicals, toys, rafts etc accessible becomes a requisite. Where to place all these things is a question that comes in the mind of lot of people. You want these things to be accessible, at an easy to reach location. But at the same time, you don't want your pool area to look cluttered. You want to hide these things away till the time they are needed or display them in a organized way.

If you have a deck, doing so becomes easy. Based on how much you want to spend and how basic or extravagant you want to get, there are lot of options available. You can literally be spoiled by choice over here.

Here is how you can use deck rails -

Using The Deck Rails For Pool Storage

You might not see the railing on your desk as a place for storage. But not only it offers opportunity to store stuff, it is also a great place to create a comfortable seating arrangement. While the railing can't be used to hold everything, a select few items can be stored easily.

Outside The Railing:

What you need to do is secure hooks to the outside part of the railing. These hooks can be used to hold items like poles, hoses etc. Unless needed, these items will be secured over there and will remain out of sight.

This is not all. Hooks are actually pretty versatile. You can use these hooks to hold towels, shorts, shirts, sun dresses, swim wear or any other clothing for that matter. Pool towel storage problem will get eliminated because of this.

Inside The Railing

The inside part of the deck railing can be used to create seating arrangement. Buy a long bench or build one from scratch. Put this bench inside the deck railing to use as a seat or place to get comfortable. This bench can have inbuilt storage space which can be used to be store anything you want to since it will not be visible from outside. Toys, cleaning supplies, extra towel storage for guests etc are just a couple of examples of what can be stored inside the long bench.

While we say long bench, you can get creative and use any kind of seating option. Little cubies, love seats, futons etc everything will go if decorated properly. Throw in some colorful comfy cushions, add a comfort layer at the seat to make the entire place look like fun.