If you are looking to build or remodel your outdoor swimming pool consider upgrading your design to something a little more decorative by applying a few decorative concrete features to the project. Most outdoor home pools are designed with plenty of concrete surrounding the project from concrete retaining walls built into your overall swimming pool landscape to your concrete pool deck. Decorative tile work can immediately surround a pool while the concrete surfaces can provide an added pop of style for little more cost and time to the entire project.

Outdoor Pool Landscaping Ideas

Decorative Concrete Around Swimming PoolMost notably a redesign of your outdoor swimming pool area encompasses a redesign of your swimming pool landscaping. Good ideas for this include building raised landscaping beds supported by a small retaining wall.

Using decorative blocks you can make this wall more stylish while adding to the beauty and interest of the plants that sit in the finished planter. A pool area can be upgraded quite nicely by simply surrounding it with designed foliage to give it a more tropical feel. This is one of many fairly simple residential concrete projects you can do yourself.

In addition to immediate area landscaping and decorative concrete block walls you can also upgrade your cement swimming deck by cleaning it and applying an epoxy concrete floor paint or acid stain depending on your tastes. If you choose to resurface your concrete deck altogether you will have to choose whether or not your want to color it and stamp it or not or even repave with decorative concrete paving slabs.

The processes of concrete stamping is not very difficult however and if you are resurfacing anyway you should really give thought to including this decorative finish to maximize the redesign of your outside swimming pool area.

Upgrade Your Pool Area With Decorative Concrete

Re-Seal Stamped Concrete Near Your Swimming Pool

A full rebuild or repair of your home pool is a far more substantial task but again if the decision to put the work in has already been made it is easy to upgrade your project to include decorative concrete design into the project. As building or repairing an outdoor swimming deck is likely and outsourced task you will have to discuss your options with your swimming pool contractor. He or she may have plenty of good ideas for your specific swimming area.

Outdoor swimming pool design can be a fun project that has lasting value. It may be difficult and in some cases expensive to build or remodel but the rest of the area can be landscaped or decorated quite affordably and with little disruption to your home life. Working with concrete at home is not that difficult. Depending on the level of expertise required for an outdoor project consult with your local contractors and building code officials as applicable and don't dismiss the idea of upgrading your style with a few simple decorative concrete projects.

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