So, you have decided to get a naval piercing, but you are standing at the door, and now you are having second thoughts, maybe that fake belly button ring might look good after all right?

Many people get piercings, you see them on their ears, nose, eyebrows, lips and more, and many people have no problems with them.  They heal well and they adorn their body with all the latest in body jewellery.  But what if just the thought of doing this makes you feel squeamish and you don’t like the idea of having to take care of it and are concerned about a reaction?

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 You don’t have to do this if it does not feel right for you.  There are many reputable places you can go and have your piercing done, but if you like the idea of the body jewellery but not the idea of the pain and the after care, then start looking around for the very realistic looking but fake ones. 

It used to be, that all you could find is fake clip on earrings that would pinch and pull and did not look very authentic.  But jewellery makers and suppliers have ventured into this market, and have come up with some great lines of not only traditional fake earrings or “clip-ons” as they are usually called, but fake naval rings and jewellery as well as fake nose studs and more. 

These are very realistic looking.  You can even get fake nose studs that simply glue on.  But the best part is that they don’t look fake.  Many are set with real stones, and you can spend as little or as much as you want on a stunning piece.  Just because it doesn’t go right through your skin, doesn’t mean it can’t look great.

Purchasing faux jewellery is affordable and it is a great way to show off those abs you have been working on all winter as well as a great way to “try it out”, meaning, see if you like the idea of a permanent one.

Many traditional piercings need time to heal, and you have to be very careful as to what type of post they have for going through your delicate skin.  Some people have to have gold posts, while others can get away with surgical steel.  If you have ever had your ears pierced and had problems, then you may have problems again when piercing your naval.

It is something you need to consider carefully before you get it done.  You need to be able to afford quality posts on the jewellery you choose.

But by using these, you can change your look daily if you want.  No waiting for healing time or trying to change your rings to a different one.   The fake ones look authentic and you can get the dangly ones that look really cool.  The best part about the faux ones is they are affordable.  Since you don’t have to have expensive posts going through your skin, these simply clip on and are usually sold for under 10 dollars in body jewellery stores or online.

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