Use Food As The Fuel the Body Needs for Energy

Use Food as the Fuel the Body Needs for Energy (25820)

Our bodies require fuel to keep going at the fast pace that many of us aim for. If you're looking for more energy, improved health, reduced illness and better fitness choose food that will assist your body to work like a well running machine. The fuel for humans is simply food and these are some of the best ones to start adding to your daily diet now for more energy:

Watermelon - is loaded with vitamins and minerals as well as natural sugars that will give your body the energy blast it needs so that you can stay busy.

Pomegranate - this 'Super Food' contains higher amounts of antioxidants and vitamins than any other food and can assist the body to fight free radicals that cause disease like heart, blood pressure, bone, cholesterol, plaque build-up, neuro diseases and some cancers. Adding this food to the diet will improve your overall health and when you feel better and get healthy, you'll increase your energy and outlook on life. Eat the seeds of the powerful fruit or find it in a liquid supplement.

Blueberries - contain powerful antioxidants, natural sugars and are an easy item to add to our diets as a side dish, included in cereal or as a healthy snack for energy.

Healthy carbohydrates - choose whole grain breads and cereal like oatmeal, soy milk and fresh vegetables for energy without weighing you down.

Protein - the body needs almost one half of our body weight in grams of protein per day and many of us don't get enough. Choose dairy, lean meats and fish, beans and many fresh vegetables as healthy choices of protein.

Soy - adding soy to the diet in soy milk, soy beans, tofu, temphe, nuts are nutrient rich, a source of protein and isoflavones that balance hormone levels and improve overall health.

Omega 3's - increase blood circulation, prevent arthritis and depression as well as improve memory and brain health and can be found in fish oils, fish like salmon and mackeral as well as herring and soy milk.

Fresh Fruit - contains antioxidants, essential vitamins and minerals along with fiber to prevent chronic diseases and give the body the nutrients it needs for continued energy.

Ginger - prevents headaches and arthritis pain to help you maintain your energy levels for working without those awful discomforts. It also is great to prevent motion sickness and vomiting!

Lemon - helps to clean the liver and digestive system and increases the oxygen level of the body improving thought processes and energy levels.

Caffeine - coffee or tea with caffeine will also give you a quick boost of energy if used sparingly.

Use the Food Pyramid Guide for healthy options in foods that can increase the body's energy.


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Use Food as the Fuel the Body Needs for Energy (25820)

Choose Healthy Options to Increase Energy

Many foods can assist the body to prevent illness and minimize or eliminate the need for medications and chemicals. Be mindful of portion size, everything in moderation is key to healthy eating for energy. So, stick to these healthy options to increase your energy and forget that candy bar full of calories, sugar and fat that will end up weighing you down instead of lifting you up!

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