There is nothing more appropriate to start the winter and holiday season off then to buy Gluhwein tea bags to make a fine mulled holiday spiced wine. If you have ever been fortunate enough to walk the streets of German Christmas markets then you surly were introduced to this traditional cold weather drink. Similar to a hot cider or other hot adult drinks Gluhwein tea bags somehow bring out a different more cheerful atmosphere to the holiday and winter season.

If you are the do it yourself type there are a number of different mulled wine recipes and spiced wine seasoning blends that are prepared ahead of time for your convenience but there are also easy concoctions you can make from spices in your own kitchen cabinet which can generally do the job. For those in a pinch this is usually fine but nothing beats a real traditional Gluhwine and many of the spices used to make this German spiced wine are simply not usually present in even the most well stocked spice racks.

Gluhwein Spiced Holiday WineThis set of Gluhwine tea bags sold on Amazon are a good step up from simply using the cloves and cinnamon found in your spice rack. It's got crystallized ginger root and cardamom in it which are both distinctive spices to this holiday hot drink. You can of course use your own spices to mull your own wine however without these fragrant additions your hot mulled wine recipe will be slightly lacking.

Of course there are many other Gluhwine spice mix and tea bag blends for sale and everyone's preferences will be slightly different but the fact remains that the best Gluhwein recipes will include spices that most spice racks simply don't have in stock. If you really want to make your own Gluhwein tea bags then you should at least try and find some of the more obscure spices like cardamom by McCormick and other fine brands which can be found on Amazon as well as other fine specialty foods stores.

No matter what your preferences are however you should make sure to try mulling your own wine this holiday season. You may find that you and your family love it and it begins a new winter tradition. Many families find that winter traditions are great bonding experiences and often far more rewarding than buying Christmas gifts. There's nothing wrong with picking up a new TV or buying the kids a new doll for the holidays but traditions like cutting your own Christmas tree as a family or celebrating Christmas Eve at church, or mulling your own winter drinks with friends are memories that can last a lifetime.

Mulling wine is quite easy and once you get the spices on hand to do it yourself you should find the process simple, relaxing, and festive. Give it a try with some cheap wine from your local grocer and some household spices and see if you like it and if so pick up some fancy spice mixes and a nicer bottle of wine off your wine holder and invite some friends over for a great time.

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