I am still the new guy here on Info Barrel but I have used Google Analytics to track many websites and blogs I own. As soon as I had my 10 article minimum to qualify to use Google Analytics on Info Barrel I entered my Google Analytics information into InfoBarrel so I could track all of my Info Barrel page views.

I highly recommend you use Google Analytics to track your Info Barrel traffic. You need to have 10 articles before you are able to enter your Google Analytic information on InfoBarrel. As soon as you have your 10th article submitted for publication on Infobarrel immediately it will allow you to set up your Infobarrel account for Google Analytics.

I love to look at my Google Analytic stats daily for InfoBarrel. It is fun and motivating to be able to track all of your daily unique visitors and total page views.

One of the most important features of Google Analytics is it will show you what keywords and key search terms people used to find your article on InfoBarrel. This is very important because if you find one of your articles getting a lot of traffic with a particular (or peculiar) search term then you could write another article using that search term as the title and there is a great chance that the new article would also begin to receive larger amounts of search engine traffic after it has been indexed by Google.

I have used this technique before successfully. With my goal of 1,500 articles on InfoBarrel I will have a massive amount of information available through my Google Analytics account.

I have been truly impressed with how fast my articles have been indexed into Google's search engine. I have received a wide variety of search terms so far to find my articles. By checking the search terms used to find some of my articles I already have many more article ideas I can write about.

I will not share actual search terms used to find my articles but instead give some fake examples. Lets say you wrote an article titled "How to Make Banana Flavored Rock Candy and Sell it For Profit". In this article you wrote about how you mix up the ingredients in a mason jar, let it stand and for a long time and then sell it at a swap meet.

Not many people will search for "How To Make Banana Flavored Rock Candy and Sell It For Profit" but if you check your Google Analytics account you can find how people are finding your article. Maybe you notice that many people were finding your article from using the search term "Selling Mason Jars".

You can then write a new article called "Selling Mason Jars For Profit". After it gets indexed by Google you can see how many visitors this new article gets over time. You can then repeat the entire procedure again by checking the search terms used for your new article and writing another one.

Once you get about 15-20 article son Infobarrel you should be able too use this technique to NEVER HAVE WRITERS BLOCK. You will always be able to find a topic to write about. I normally recommend you write about something that interests you but if you are stumbling around trying to figure out what to write about then this may work for you.