Bloggers post editor isn't really very good unless all you want is the most very basic posting options. If you want tables or background effects then you really need some in depth HTML skills. There is a better way for those who don't want to worry about HTML. Use Google Documents to spiff it up.

Best of all, Google Documents allows you to quickly get the post looking good and before you know it you'll be on the Internet.

Get your Google ID ready, and away we go.

Let's start by logging into Google and opening Blogger and Documents in separate tabs or windows.

In Documents we need to set up a couple of things to let you publish to your blog. So, check out the upper right corner of the page that lists all your documents and find the "Settings" link. Give it a click and then look for the "Blog Settings" link. Look to the right of "Blog Settings" and you will see a link so you can "Edit info". Click the link and Google will fill in the information for your first registered blog. It's no sweat for folks with more than one blog. You can change the settings each time to publish if you want.

At this point you can go ahead and write your blog post and take full advantage of Google Documents more powerful interface.

When the post is done, it's time to publish it to your blog. What you will need to do is click the "Share" button on the upper right hand of the screen. Pick the "publish as a web page" option from the menu that appears. Then pick "Post to blog". If you have different blog than the one you picked in setup you will want the "edit info" link. Just put in the blog you want to post to. The next window will as you to confirm it.

Thanks for reading. Happy Blogging!