As a freelance writer I think it is very important to stay on top of SEO optimization. The keywords you put in an article help your content to be found in search engines. Let's face the facts although we get a warm fuzzy feeling when we post content to the web we are all doing it because of the money. Good SEO optimization is how we make that money.

I would like to share with you a set of Google tools that will help you write better content and narrow down niche's where content can be created. A new tool from Google will help you pick topics and learn how people search. When you understand how people search the internet you can create more content targeted for a desired audience. The new tool is Google Wonder Wheel (GWW). When you make a search using this tool it breaks down your search into eight sub-categories. When you click on a sub- category your search is broken down another eight times. What this means for the content writer is that every search will generate 64 initial topics for you to create content for.

Using the Google Wonder Wheel

initialsearchStep 1. Open a new Google search. Using any term you would like complete the term so that you have listings showing on the page. For this article I used the term Twilight.

optionstabStep 2. In the upper left corner of your results page there is a tab that says show options. Expanding this tab will reveal a set of tools on the left hand side of your browser screen.

wheelStep 3 .The 15th option on the screen is the Wonder Wheel. When you use this option you can see that your initial search is in the center and it is now surrounded by eight other terms commonly searched for.

The next tool we will discuss is the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. This tool is very popular among content writers. When you submit a search in this tool it will tell you how many times your keyword has been searched for and the approximate amount of money that the ad related to this keyword will pay.

Using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool

keywordtoolStep 1. Open the keyword tool and type in a keyword. Type the captha code if it is present and click the box that says get keyword ideas.

showalltabStep 2.When your search is complete choose the drop down menu in the choose columns to display box, choosing the option show all.

allinfoStep 3. You can now see all relevant data for the search term you entered into the tool. For the purpose of this article again I used the term Twilight.

You can see clearly in my photos that several search terms appear in the left hand column. This is helpful because you can see what every ad is paying for every word or combination of words relevant to your content.

Using these two tools should help you write content targeted at a specific audience. The ability to use these tools in conjunction with each other should help any writer. If you have a niche blog, content site or write here at Info Barrel, or anywhere on the web these tools will help you. I often use these tools to overcome writers block, or narrow topics that are saturated across the web. Often when you follow the adage "write what you know" it can be hard to create unique content. What you know may very well be what a lot of people know and these tools can help you flesh out some new ideas.

If you are new to the writing world I am glad you stumbled upon this article. These tools are free, and a great way to get your writing off to a good start. If you have some content that may not be generating much traffic I encourage you to use these tools and change up your keywords.

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