When I was a boy, rain gear consisted of those stiff, yellow rain coats and pants. Rain gear became much more comfortable once gore tex was developed back in 1978.

According to the Gore Tex website, this actual fabric is created by laminating an outer fabric to the gore tex membrane and then to the inner lining.

Another aspect that separates this fabric from the rain coats of old is the fact that water vapor can escape through it. I can remember taking off one of those old yellow things and being wet underneath due to sweat.

Gore tex is now an industry standard. Every coat that is waterproof now uses some form of this fabric. These state of the art coats are lightweight, comfortable and breathable.

Here are some of the better summer weight coats that I have owned over the years.

  • Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifier Rain Jacket:  I have never owned any jacket made by Bass Pro that wasn't a good one. This waist length parka comes in 4 colors and has heavy-duty zippers and even heavier duty velcro to keep all of the water out, even when you are speed across the lake in an attempt to beat that thunder-storm that is barreling down on you. This one was designed with the hard-core fisherman in mind.
  • Cabelas Dry-Plus Ultra Parka: Cabelas is another one of those companies that consistently puts out superior products.This lightweight parka comes in 3 colors and also has oversized pockets, waterproof and heavy-duty zippers. It also features adjustable cuffs as well as a hood.
  • Columbia Omni Tech Green Trail: This one is made for keeping an angler dry in warm weather. It is vented for easy temperature regulation. This lightweight coat comes in two colors and has an adjustable storm hood.
  • Helly Hansen Impertech II:  Helly Hansen makes some of the best rain jackets in the world. These jackets are constructed to take whatever you can dish out. With adjustable velcro sleeve cuffs, and an adjustable hood, you can make it so that none of the rain gets in, even if you are out in it all day long.

All of these coats have some form of gore tex. Gore tex has truly revolutionized the way that we look at rain gear due to the fact that now it is breathable, comfortable and actually rain proof. I have owned all of these coats at one time or another and I would not hesitate one moment to recommend any of them to someone who wishes to be out in the elements all day long. If you are going to be outside during a rainstorm, you really owe it to yourself to invest in some high quality rain gear.