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As the future presses on, bills are now soaring higher and higher, taking a huge chunk out of our earnings. If you counted up how much you spend on food and rent, you will probably notice that your Gas bills and Electricity bills are beginning to look costly!

If you're going to keep up with your bills, then you can start using your Infobarrel earnings to cover the cost.

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As a university student, I already spend around 900 £ pm on my rent. On top of that, I spend roughly 100 £ on my food. For my gas and electricity bills, a whopping 200 £ was charged to my account. Why? Because as a student I had to use up alot of computer energy and internet access to do my work and research. On top of that, heating my apartment in cold weather is a massive money-eating process.

Now, from my past earnings using Google Adsense, I could start racking up at least 300 £ to pay for the bills. This of course took 1 year to reach, typing out mini articles here and there over time. Now, for the next three years of university, I need not worry about paying for my bills as I know google is paying them for me!

Why do I use Infobarrel earnings and Google Adsense earnings for my bills? Because spending it on "extra" expenses such as clothes and food is ineffective, and probably wastes more money than you realize. Some people start treating this "extra" income as "treat" money, and will waste it all on unnecessary items. Sure, you can treat yourself every so often, but ask yourself this. Would you be spending that much money if you had earned it some place else? No. You would be saving it for your rent and food expenses carefully.

happy studentCase study 2

My brother is the complete opposite of me and spends all of his google adsense earnings on TREATS such as clothes and resturants. He was beginning to go way over his budget, because he thought the money was "extra" money to be wasted.

Pretty soon, he had to borrow some money in order to cover his rent and gas bills. Having learnt his lesson, he now puts his extra cash into a savings account to save for rainy days or special occasions.

Of course, many of you out there will probably be thinking "I have enough money from my job to pay for the bills".

Well there is still a good reason why you should make google adsense and infobarrel pay them for you!

First, it helps set you a target on your infobarrel adventure. Whats the point in creating articles if you have no goal to achieve? If your mark is to cover the gas bills for instance, you will know when you have finally achieved something worthwhile. Your gas bills could be covered by Infobarrel earnings for possibly the next 5 years of your life. That is some milestone to achieve for a passive income earner!

If you don't think bills are your priority, then my last tidbit of advice is to shut it away in a savings account. Spending your measly 30 dollars a month will seem likepaying money nothing, and is probably not worth doing! Instead, wait until you've built up a great big chunk of money and spend it something worthwhile. For instance, a brand new TV which you can cherish, instead of wasting 30 dollars a month on mcdonald meals.

Hopefully you can take something away from this article today! Thanks for reading.

Do leave a comment if YOU have reached your tax - mark already!