Bowl Of Lemons

Create a paste of lemon juice and salt to sanitize household items. Use environmentally friendly products to create a safe atmosphere for pets and children. Some upper respiratory problems are alleviated when less harsh cleaning products are used within a household. Mixing lemon juice and salt produces sodium citrate, an element in some industrial cleaning compounds. Sodium citrate removes calcium and iron deposits and breaks down surface dirt. Remove rust, stains and mold or eliminate odors. Apply to copper and brass items to restore original luster.


Materials Needed

 Ice cubes

Dry cloth


Clean/Deodorize Thermoses

1. Place two ice cubes, 2 or 3 tbsp. of salt and the juice from half of a lemon inside the thermos.

2. Cover the thermos, and shake vigorously to mix the contents.

3. Keep the mixture in the thermos for 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly before using.


Remove Mold & Mildew Stains From Fabric

1. Moisten the mold and mildew stains on fabric with lemon juice. Use enough juice to saturate the area.

2. Coat the moistened area with salt.

3. Place the fabric in sunlight, and allow the stained areas to dry.

4. Rinse the fabric thoroughly to remove the salt and lemon juice. Do not apply the mixture to colored fabrics, as fading can occur.


Clean Cookware

1. Apply lemon juice to the surface of brass or copper cookware. The acidic quality of lemon juice can destroy the finish on other cookware types.

2. Add enough salt to form a paste.

3. Rub the mixture vigorously on the pan surface, paying special attention to the soiled areas.

4. Rinse carefully to remove the mixture. Leaving salt residue on pans produces a green tint, known as verdigris, or copper salts. Verdigris does not damage the pan. If pans do turn green after drying, a quick rinse removes the tint.


Remove Rust 

1. Add enough salt to one tablespoon of lemon juice to form a paste.

2. Apply to rusted area using a dry cloth.

3. Rub until rust is removed from the area. Allow paste to sit five to ten minutes on difficult areas to facilitate removal.