Some of the most common household materials can be used to create an amazing array of color and science. Here is a simple guide that uses chemistry to make a quick and fun explosion that is sure to astonish all who witness it.

Things You Will Need

At least one color of food coloring, 3 to 4 works best.
A drop of dish soap.
A plate or bowl that has 1/4 inch of milk on it.
A q-tip.

Step 1

Take the food coloring and drop two - three drops of each color into seprate corners. Take care that the colors do not mix.

Step 2

Put a drop of dish soap on one end of the q-tip.

Step 3

Gently tap the soapy end of the q-tip into the center of your dish.

Step 4

Enjoy the magic! The milk should create a crater-like motion in the milk. The food coloring allows you to view the chemical changes in the milk. To keep the fun going add more soap and gently dip in the milk again.
You can use this small experiment to enjoy hours of fun with small kids on a rainy day. You can even use the soap to create a master piece.
A sample test:

Tips & Warnings