If this is the year you have decided to move, but look around your house with dread, then here are some tips that really helped me out when I moved.

If you have been in your home for a long time, raised a family or have lots of pets, then your house is not just any house it is your home and full of love.  But when it comes time to sell, you have to let go of all the emotions and actually begin the process of removing yourself from this space.

Any real estate agent will tell you that this is the time to not only fix a few things, but also to clean out clutter and all personal items, because the business of selling a house, is just that , a business.  Potential buyers need to be able to picture themselves in this space.

This can be made a little easier by having something to look forward to, for your next home or stage in life.  Once you get your head wrapped around the idea that it is time to sell and move on then getting your house ready will be that much easier.

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You have probably heard this a hundred times, but it is very important right now.  You don’t want to pay the moving company or take it out on your back moving junk to the next space.

So, get ruthless, get your supplies ready, and have a plan and things will go smoothly.

Moving Pods – These are the coolest things around in my opinion.  They will cost a little bit more than renting storage units, but this way you don’t need a truck or bug your neighbours for their pick up truck to take stuff to the storage units.  This is perfect for shorter term storage too.

These moving pods are delivered right to your house.  You simply fill them with things you want to keep (do not fill it with junk!) but need to get out of the house while it is for sale.

You see, the problem when selling a house is that potential buyers will look in every corner, which is their right if they want to purchase it, so there really is no-where to hide your “stuff”, even the good stuff, so get it out of the house.

Consider this an expense of selling and moving.  

moving podsCredit: Amazon.com

Get Moving Supplies Early

You can purchase boxes from any moving companies, or even the people who rent out the pods will sell boxes, but you can go around town and ask many grocery stores or supply stores if they will give you boxes.  The downside is they will be all different shapes and sizes, but they will be free.  Or you can purchase boxes online too, if you prefer to get uniform sizes.

Also purchase a package of packing paper which you can get online too, or in office supply stores for example.  

moving podsCredit: Amazon.com

Garbage Bags and Clear Bags - Purchase a box of each from online or your local home improvement store.  Use the green bags for garbage and the clear for donations.

Now that you are ready with your supplies, pick a room in your house and get started.  Come up with a schedule and try to do a room a day if you can, if not at least allow lots of time if you feel the task will be daunting.  The entire family needs to be on board with this.

If you decide to use the moving pod system, then you need to be ready and organized as you will be on the clock for rent as soon as it shows up in your driveway, so you want it filled quickly and taken to the new place or into storage.

Start with the Closets – If you feel this will be a huge job, then start with smaller spaces.  Pull everything out and have 3 piles, one for keeps, one for donation and one for throw away.  Once you have everything in the piles, take a good look at the keep pile.

From that keep pile is there anything you would like to keep but maybe it is for a different season?  This would be the perfect time to box it up and label it and have it ready for the storage unit or the moving pod.  Bag up the other piles and put the garbage to the curb and the donation bag in your car so it is out of the house.

Bedrooms – Do the same for the bedrooms, and remember you want this place to look very lean when it is listed for sale, so package up all those knick knacks, you can live without them for a little while.  Fill your garbage and donation bags and keep only the things you need while selling the house. 

By getting rid of clutter and keeping the rooms lean, you not only have a lot of your packing done, but the rooms look cleaner, brighter and bigger.  This is also the time to decide whether you need to do a quick paint job, which is made easier by having less in the room.  Make sure you label the boxes you are going to store for the room they are to go into at a new place.

Garage  and Basement – These rooms tend to take on the years of living in this space.  Things you were not using may have ended up in the garage or the basement.  So, for these rooms you may need some help.

If you have tools and work benches, at least organize them and use this opportunity to get rid of broken tools or supplies you don’t need.  If you have time you could have a garage sale to make a few dollars to get rid of more things.

Pack up some boxes with the things you have in your keep pile that you don’t need right away.  If you find it hard to decide here is a great tip.

Hire some Strong Students to Empty Your Basement to the Outside – This is a great way to get help to make decisions because now someone has to put it back in the house, so maybe it was not that important, or it can go into the storage pod.

Go through the house and pull pictures off the walls and all personal items and make this house look clean and lean.

Phone up the pod company and get them to take it away to storage while you have your house for sale. 

If it is going to be for a long term, it may be cheaper to use a storage unit.  Most towns and cities have them on a monthly basis, but you will have to borrow a truck and some muscle to get your boxes there.  You have to decide which is best for you.

Either way, you have de-cluttered, donated and packed away a lot of your things.  You are halfway there now!  Your house will look lean which helps to sell much faster.