If you've began cruising on orthopedic pillows, suffice to say that these kind of pillows, unlike the regular ones, come in various sizes, forms and designs. Very overwhelming and downright confusing for someone who's not familar with orthopedic pillows and just want a pillow which can help them sleep better at night. Don't worry though, help is here! This article will help you understand how to orthopedic pillows for getting the best sleep.

The Pillow You Need

As we mentioned before, orthopedic pillows come in various shapes, designs as well as sizes that caters to specific needs of its users. If you must know, there are three sleeping positions known and orthopedic pillows are customized to suit them. These sleeping positions are on the back, on the stomach and on the sides.

Contour Pillows

These pillows are curved-shaped that adapts easily to the shape of your neck and head. These orthopedic pillows are recommended for back or side sleepers as they alleviate pain and the pressure while keeping your spine and head aligned comfortably - best for individuals with sleep apnea and those who snores.

The most well known contour pillows are the orthopedic neck pillows. Very easy to spot because of their U design that obviously made in supporting your neck and reducing the strain on your neck and shoulder. Because of its relatively small in size, it is portable and popular for office workers or those who travel a lot.

Other Types of Orthopedic Pillows

Lumbar support pillows are especially made for those who have problems with their back since these pillows fill the void part, while you're lying down, in your lower back region. Some lumbar types are multi-purposedly built; making them possible to use on other ailing parts of the body like the knees or the neck as well. Bare in mind that lumbar support pillows are more firmer than other orthopedic pillow types.

You can also buy orthopedic pillows specifically for your aching knees. When you feel your knees cramp, use these pillows and place them between your legs; this is to increase the blood circulation on your knees while maintaining your body's posture.

It's not only that, besides the pillow types given above, there are other orthopedic models available in the market today. Some of them are called body cushions where it's primary function is to support your entire body's length. These type of orthopedic pillows are best for people who slept on their sides.

Pain-free Transition from Old Pillow to a New One

You'll be surprised that on the first couple of days that you've switched your old pillow to a new orthopedic pillow, you find yourself unable to sleep and have trouble finding your "comfortable" sleeping position. This is quite normal since the sudden change can get your body out of loop.

One thing you should do is to sleep with your old pillow and your orthopedic pillow. Switch them around whenever you wake up until your body adjust to the change. Then, feel free to take your old pillow to a trash bin.