Add a Gazebo Room

If this weekend is going to be nice and you are having a family gathering then why not consider getting portable gazebos? 

These are an ideal way to entertain outdoors and still keep the hot sun and weather off of any dinner party.  You can get portable gazebos in many styles and sizes, but a 10 x 10 gazebo makes a nice size for a small gathering.  It is like adding another room.

Gazebos are a great way to add outdoor living space to any yard or even the deck if you don’t have the shelter or don’t want to get into having many umbrella tables.  You can set these portable gazebos up on the back deck or patio or right out in the middle of the yard, your choice. 

Just use the weight blocks you can now get for these, and they are up in no time.  You can get these portable gazebos screened in or with solid sides with windows for more privacy.  The ones with solid sides work best if you think you may be dealing with a bit of drizzle, or you just want that intimate style for your dinner party, plus the neighbours can’t see what they are missing!

The best part about these portable gazebos is that they come down just as quick as they go up.  Perhaps you are having everyone over for dinner this weekend.  You can set this up ahead of time and either rent tables and chairs or use your own, and be ready.  You can hang portable lights in them, you can instantly create a great room in your backyard.

If you like the idea of putting this on your back deck, then you can also have it right up against the door so that they go straight from the house to the enclosure, which is great for avoiding pesky insects that try to get in.

There are many uses for portable gazebos, such as for camping.  They make a great central “kitchen” for camping and keep insects off of your food.  Or you can set them up in your yard to create instant shade, or you can even use them on your driveway for that next garage sale.

You can create a “store like” feeling at a garage sale, and these are great for the drizzly days.  No more worries about getting everything wet on the tables, and you can set it up like a booth for even greater sales.

Selling at craft shows is another great reason to consider a portable gazebo.  They too, can be created and set up to be like a store.  It keeps the weather and the sun off of delicate projects and keeps everything clean, and nothing blows away.

Portable gazebos have so many uses, but the backyard barbeque is one of the best since everyone can still hang out together after dark with the enclosed sides or screened gazebos. 10' x 20' Portable Carport Party Tent Garden Gazebo Garage Whiteportable gazebos(45449)

You can find many different styles, shapes and sizes of portable gazebos at your local home improvement store or even a large garden center.  But your choice may be limited.  One of the best places to find different styles and a larger variety is online.  Amazon is one such site that carries many different styles of portable gazebos and large party gazebos for that huge family gathering!

So, if this year you want to add more living space, and don’t want to get into a large construction project such as a deck or patio, then consider getting portable gazebos for that extra living area outside.  They are an affordable way to add an extra room.  If you get portable gazebo lighting as well, then you can use that room to read in later at night and enjoy the warm breezes of the summer nights without being eaten alive by mosquitoes.

So, enjoy your backyard this year, and especially into the evening hours.  There are so many great outdoor products on the market now, that it is worth surfing just to find out all the different and yet affordable ways to improve your outdoor living space this year.  Also see setting up a gazebo bar and grilling area