When baby-proofing the house, there are some essential areas that must be catered for. The cupboards and drawers lure all curious babies and must contain locks to ensure they can't be opened. Stairs present another danger to the newly mobile child and require gates to prevent the crawling or toddling little one from tumbling down.

There are many different types of baby gates, some of them are designed better than others, some of them are more versatile than others and some of them are safer to use at the top of stairs than others.

The first thing you should work out is where in the house the baby gates would be most appropriate to be placed. This includes access to bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms. The stairs to the basement and from the second floor are both equally dangerous and should be protected. You may need a gate that can be attached to a wall on one side and a banister on the other or a banister to banister connection.

When looking for baby gates for the stairs it is essential that you buy hardware mounted gates as opposed to pressure mounted gates. Although this type of gate will require attachment by means of drilling holes in the walls, they are far safer than the alternative. The safety of the children is all-important and you need the peace of mind in knowing that there is no way the gates you've installed are going to be knocked over or moved.

There are a number of baby gate brands that provide you with the most secure closure for the top of stairs. The Kidco Safeway Baby Gate is a particularly popular brand of stair gate that provides you with a hardware mounted gate made from strong tubular steel. It can be easily unlocked and opened one-handed but provides you with a durable barrier that your child will be unable to open.

The gates are terrific value for money because they can be reused in different positions if you find that you have to move a number of times. They can be taken with you when you move to another location and can be reinstalled without any problem. Remember that if the gate has to be mounted on a wall the hinge brackets should be mounted into the stud of the wall rather than to the drywall itself. This will ensure that the gate has been properly fixed.

Whatever baby gates you buy you have to make certain that they are installed properly and that they cannot be accidently removed or knocked down. For the safety of your children this is particularly important when the gates are positioned at the top of the stairs.