The economic downturn has affected many people looking for work around the country but a few niche markets are still booming because of constantly growing demand which in turn requires constant hiring. Many of these available positions are in the medical field, the law enforcement field or the science field.

If you are uncertain about what career you want you may wish to consider the sort of schooling required to end up with any one of these jobs as the need for these types of work will never diminish.

Here are some things to think about if you decide a career in medicine would be perfect for you.

1. Choose between long-term or short-term

There are hospitals and medical offices that need to fill physicians’ jobs all year-long. For doctors who are about to start their medical careers working with a company that will help them find a place in their area of specialization might be useful. The doctor can choose whether he or she wants a long-term place or a shorter-term stint. Such companies can help physicians find vacancies close to home or in far-off, exciting locales. These types of jobs can help medical professionals experience more than they would have if they had just gone to school then started working in their own practices.

2. Practice before specializing

Doctors who choose to take on short-term critical care medicine jobs, ER jobs, or other types of positions before figuring out what they want to specialize in, find themselves with a more satisfying career when they eventually do pick a specialization. These opportunities exist all over the country. Professionals who want to learn more about them and where they're located can seek out companies that help hospitals and medical practices advertise and fill their positions. Everyone from occupational therapists to cardiologists can find the career that they have searched for with the help of these companies.

Think this type of arrangement seems right for you? The way most of these businesses work is that they have a database that people who are seeking a medical profession can use and search. They can look for administrative, managerial and clinical positions that have been recently posted, and find out information about the companies that are hiring. All in all, everyone involved wins during this process. The medical professional finds the job that he or she is looking for, while the business finds a high-quality professional to give the best medical care possible.