House Number Lights

Solar address numbers can be a great way to make sure that pizza shows up at your house!

If you have ever been a pizza delivery person, or anyone trying to find an address at night, then you know how frustrating it can be when people turn on their bright outside lights, but the address number, which tends to be in black metal numbers somewhere on the house, cannot be seen.

One pizza delivery guy in my neighbourhood resorted to using a strong flashlight to shine on the houses, and you can imagine how well that went over, when other neighbours see a car driving slowly shining a flashlight on the fronts of houses.

One way to deal with this is to get a solar address number light.  This works especially well if you own a house with a long driveway, or you just can’t light up the numbers on your house so that they can be seen from the road at night.

The other option is to run wiring down to the end of the driveway or somehow light up your mailbox if you are on a rural road for example.  But this can get very expensive as the wiring has to be in a conduit and run underground to the end of the driveway, so this requires digging.

Many people will put their house numbers in a decorative way on rocks and their mailboxes and the sides of the driveway or the wall of the house, but come night time, these just can’t be seen unless you are creative like that pizza delivery guy with the large flashlight!

So, why not consider getting a solar address number?  They are affordable, and don’t need lots of expensive wiring to be run for them to work.  They have a small solar panel, and as long as it can be allowed to absorb daylight, then these solar address numbers will light up at night and can be seen up to 500 feet away. Solar Address Lightsolar address numbers

Solar technology has come a long way in the past few years.  It used to be that the solar panel would be bigger than the gadget, and would need most of the day to absorb some light and be nothing but a dim glow at night.  But now with the advance in solar technology, you are able to power all kinds of useful gadgets with solar.

Solar address numbers mean that you don’t need to be leaving all kinds of lights on at night for visitors or take out delivery, these solar numbers can also aid for emergency vehicles. 

You can get these solar address number lights at garden centers and lighting stores, but some of the best variety and choices can be found online at such sites as Amazon.

There are many decorative ones that will fit in with your garden and house design, and as long as they can absorb some daylight, they will give off a good light that will enable everyone to see the house number.

So, if you are depending on that old swinging green number plate the town gave you for people to get to your house, maybe you should upgrade to a solar address light and look a little more classy, and your pizza delivery guy will thank you!  Also see outdoor gazebo lighting for more backyard ideas this year.