As I shop around for ways to improve the look of my yard I am amazed at the technology that is available for such things as, the solar fiber optic garden stakes and other cool ideas for the garden to bring life into the dark of night. 

I really like the idea of these little gems.  They actually look like a long stem of flowers (pretty realistic too) with fiber optic threads around the flower that light up at night.

I thought this would be a really cool way to light up the garden and around the patio.  You can get them in many different styles of flowers but I really like this particular set because it measures 30 inches high. 

I want them to stand just as tall if not taller than my other shrubs around them and then show off their colour at night.

This would be a great change from simply flood lights or path lights.  I really like how the flowers just mix in with the garden by day but after absorbing sunlight quietly all day, they will then come to life with their delicate colour dance.

These ones will also change colours softly in the night.  This particular tall white flower stake comes with 2 in a set.  I thought if you did groupings throughout your garden it would add colour to the evenings when you are sitting outdoors or entertaining.

Where I live the warmer season is relished and we want to hang outside Solar Fiber Optic Garden StakesCredit: Amazon.comas often as we can.  So, setting up the patio and garden to look just as good at night as it does during the day is fun and entertaining.  We want to absorb every minute we can outdoors.

These create entertainment at night.

All you need to do is set up the solar panel to receive light during the day that comes with the garden plants.  Plant your colour changing fiber optic garden stakes in with the shrubbery or other flowers and then let them do their show once the sun goes down.

Solar powered garden décor has really developed over the last few years.  No more digging up the yard and running conduits or extension cords to power up your lighting.  You can use the sunlight to get your power and with all the latest in fiber optics you can get a beautiful rainbow of lights and colours displaying right in your own yard.

I love that my electric bill is not affected by these whimsical garden gadgets that run on solar.  They don’t need to absorb light for hours on end either to work.  The panels are not as cumbersome and just a few short hours in the sun is all it takes to put on your light show at night. 

If you can swing getting a few sets of these, you will not only look like you added flowers to your garden but a light show as well.  I love these flowers pictured, but you can get many different styles of them depending on how you want them to look in your garden.

If you love the idea of power from the sun, then also check out solar powered water fountains, that you can sit right in your garden and enjoy the sound of trickling water by day, and then enjoy the fiber optic dance at night.  Your garden will always be entertaining you.