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One of the ways I have drastically increased my writing earnings the past few days is with TextBroker. TextBroker is a website that will pay you to write articles. Unlike InfoBarrel and other revenue share websites you do not earn a share of revenue. You are paid a one time fee for writing the article.

Once you write an article and the client accepts it that is it. The article is no longer yours and the amount you earned for writing it is deposited into your TextBroker account.

If you have never used TextBroker, the process is real simple, then it may be a good way for you too earn some fast cash. Writing for revenue sharing websites like InfoBarrel may pay you more in the long run. An article you write for InfoBarrel may earn you only $4.00 a year but you will earn on the article each year. With TextBroker you are paid a pone time fee. If you earn $4.00 for writing that article then that is it. Although you will make more in the long run with InfoBarrel, TextBroker allows you to make quick cash.

If you write 10 quick articles a day for InfoBarrel and each one pays you on average $3.00 then you can quickly earn $30.00.

If you do want to generate some cash using TextBroker I recommend a balanced approach. Go ahead and write for TextBroker but do not neglect your InfoBarrel writings. InfoBarrel will provide you with long term residual income and TextBroker will provide you with a quick fix of cash. If you balance your writing out then your article writing will provide you with some short term cash you need to pay your bills but also will allow you to continue to grow your InfoBarrel folio for your residual earnings.

The application process is real simple for TextBroker. You sign up. You submit a short writing sample. After you submit your writing sample TextBroker will give you a 2 star, 3 star, or 4 star rating. There is a 5 star rating available but it is usually reserved for the best of the best. Regardless of what rating you receive from TextBroker, you can always get bumped up to a higher rating. You can also be bumped down to a lower rating. There is no ranking of 1 star.

After you write 5 articles for TextBroker they will review your articles and re-grade you if necessary. After your first 5 articles a reviewed by TextBroker you can then write an unlimited amount of articles each day.

If you are rated a 4 star, you can write an articles that are available for 4 stars or lower. The same goes for 3 star writers. If you are a 3 star writer you can write any articles that are 3 stars or 2 stars. If you are a 3 or 4 star writer and select a 2 star article you will only be paid the 2 star rate.

TextBroker Pay Rate Per Word and Per 500 Words

  • 2 Stars .07 cents per word/ $3.50
  • 3 Stars 1.0 cents per word/ $5.00
  • 4 Stars 1.4 cents per word/ $7.00
  • 5 Stars 5.0 cents per word/ $25.00

Don't get excited over the 5 star rate. There are not many 5 star orders. Many top notch writers are stuck at the 4 star rating but that is no reason to despair because TextBroker also allows direct orders.

If a customer likes your work they can contact you through the TextBroker website for a direct order. You set you own direct order rate. By default your direct order rate is set at 1.5 cents per word. You can increase this as much as you like.

Looking at the pay rate above you may notice that the rate of pay seems low. Yes and no. It is low for some articles but for other sit is much higher. Some clients have very detailed, specific, and hard to follow directions. Their article instructions are complicated and the research necessary to properly write their article will take a lot of time. For the $3.00 - $5.00 you will earn it is simply not worth it.

Other articles that also pay $3.00 - $5.00 can easily be written in less than 10 minutes. If you can pump out 5-8 of these articles an hour you can make some good money.

After you log in to your TextBroker account you can go to the open order board. You can browse all of the current article orders. When you find one you would like to write you can click on the order and read the details. Many times the client will simply want a certain keyword used.

If after reading the article order details you decide you want to write it you can. After writing the article you submit it. The client can then either accept the article or ask for some editing.

The amount of open orders on TextBrokers varies all the time. Earlier there were well over 1,000 different article orders to choose from. I found a batch of simple ones that require little to no research. I made about $15.00 in 50 minutes.

You can only accept one job order at a time but as soon as you submit that article you can immediately go select and accept another article order.

There are a few people on TextBroker that make well over a $1,000 each month.

I will be using TextBroker as part of my balanced writing approach that will allow me to quit my 9-5 job. Actually my 9-5 job is a 3-midnight job and I have to work week-ends so I miss many of my daughters activities. I like the freedom of being able to enjoy life without the restrictions placed on me by a job that has set hours.

I will use a balance approach of earning money from writing for TextBroker, writing for InfoBarrel, and the release of a new forum. Between these three web properties I will should be able to not only replicate my current earnings but to easily surpass them.

I am in the process of getting everything arranged. I am planning on quitting my full time job within 3 months. I would much rather sit at home writing articles all day then attend to crazy customers. TextBroker will be large portion of my monthly income but I will not sacrifice my InfoBarrel articles. I know the residual earnings potential of InfoBarrel is huge and I do not want to lose out on them.

The higher my InfoBarrel earnings the less time I have to write for TextBroker. If you need some quick cash then you may want to check out TextBroker but do not forsake the revenue potential of InfoBarrel.

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