Homeowners are often times stumped when it comes to finding new ways to redesign and revamp their outdoor entertaining areas. After changing the color scheme and design style of their outdoor furniture, they often run out of new ideas for exterior design. One concept that is becoming greatly popular this summer season is the use of thatch paneling. Tiki thatch, also known as palapas, is a rustic tropical palm figure that is found in tropically themed backyards and business places. Thatch palapas were primarily invented to create shade to those working underneath the umbrella-looking figure. With today's design preference, tiki bar thatch panels are used more as a decorative showpiece both inside and outside the home to create a tropical feeling to any outdoor living space or business area that you share with your clients.

You have probably already seen this shade making creation on the patios of multiple Mexican eateries around your vicinity or at luaus hosted at a friend's party. However, adding thatch panels into your own outdoor area is simple and also improves the location in your outdoor area. Once you install the palapa into your own backyard, you'll definitely feel the need to sit back and relax in your new surroundings.

Here are a few ways that thatching will improve the look of your backyard:

1. With the right care, thatch panels can have a prolonged existence. In arid environments with little rainfall, thatch can last three to five years. If you live in an area with lots of rainfall, you might want to buy a big tarp to protect the thatch for longer usage for the time to come. Thatch also continues to work well with wind. If the product is accurately installed, it can endure winds up to 50 to 60 miles per hour.

2. There are numerous uses for thatch panels. These panels can be used to accessorize tiki bars, barbecues, fences and tables. You'll automatically generate a tropical look when you add thatch to your outdoor party, garden, backyard, or business. If you have a specialized project in the works, you could also modify the paneling by having it fitted to your own application. Research your preferred outdoor design stores and websites to get an idea of your personal style and what might fit best in your own open-air space.

3. Thatch panels come in a universal size to meet your requirements. The standard size of a palapa will stand around 8 feet and 6 inches at its tallest point. The outer rim is about 7 feet tall and there is 6 inches of overhang, which gives a clearance of 6 feet 6 inches. Remember these dimensions before you make the purchase so you have enough space to hold the palapa.

4. Thatch requires little maintenance. When thatch is brand new and is then introduced to rain for the first time, it can sometimes create a non harmful run off. Make sure you rinse off the thatch a few times each year to protect it from any buildup or dirt. In areas with a colder climate, mold can be created so clean the palapa with water and bleach mixture or a mold removal solution.