There are very few presentations that account for more trophy bass than the good old jig and pig. A huge chunk of plastic such as the one below being carted around by a crawfish looking thing is just irresistible to a bass.

Craw Papi

The thing about this presentation is that you won't catch lots of fish, but the fish you will catch are going to be the right ones. By that, I mean a majority of the fish that bite on a jig and pig are big ones.

I have been a fishing guide for the past 15 years. As a fishing guide, my job is to make sure that my customers catch fish. I have my customers cast Yum Dingers while I use this presentation. When I hook into a big one, I hand the rod to a customer.

My favorite soft plastic lure to tip a jig with is the Yum F2 Craw Papi. When I am jigging, I like something that is huge, and looks like a crawfish. The large size attracts attention and the crawfish is a natural food of the bass. The thing about the F2 Craw Papi is that it not only looks like a crawfish, it also smells like one. The new F2 attractant that this soft plastic lure is infused with is uniformly dispersed into the water. This triggers a feeding response. The F2 Craw Papi comes in 7 colors including my personal favorite, Ultimate Craw (pictured above). Craw Papi's also come in 3 sizes.

Couple the F2 Craw Papi with a Booyah Pro Boo Jig and you have a deadly combination. This big old spider jig is meant to be thrown into the densest of cover. I like to throw it up against rip rap shorelines and bang it against the rocky bottom. The thump-thump of this huge combination attracts lots of attention.

There are many different ways to work these. My favorite is to use short hops. To do this, cast out the lure and allow it to hit the bottom. Once you feel it hit the bottom twitch your rod tip a couple of inches. This will cause your jig to "hop" along the bottom.

Bites can feel like a thump-thump or it might feel like the rod is going to be ripped out of your hands. When you feel a bite, reel down as quickly as you can, until your rod is pointed straight at the fish and then make a sweeping, side hook set. Do not be in too much of a hurry to set the hook. One time have had a bass swim right underneath my boat with a one ounce jig in its mouth before I was able to set the hook. The point is that the bass thinks this lure is a crawfish which has a hard shell. I think that is why they will swim around with this thing in its mouth and they don't think anything of the lead of the jig.

The combination of the Booyah Pro Boo Jig tipped with the Yum Craw Papi is deadly when it comes to largemouth bass fishing. If you have never tried this combination, you are really missing out on something that will help you put more trophy sized bass into your boat!

Booyah Pro Boo Bug Jig 3/16-Ounce
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This jig comes in other colors.
Yum F2 3.75-Inch Craw Papi Fishing Lure
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This soft plastic also comes in other colors.