If you are trained in the IT field you might find yourself getting in a rut.  It happens to everyone at some point.  The trick is not to sit still and get comfortable with your rut but to keep moving and trying to get out of it.  If you need to give your IT career a little jump there is something you can do to make the coming year one of your best years yet.  But you have to take the first steps - you can’t just sit there thinking about it!

Here are 3 tips you can use to give you IT Career a Jump:

1. Learn something that you can apply to your future. 

We get bored if we are doing the same old thing day in and day out, don’t we?  Even if you love what you do, it is good to have different things to do within your field.  You need challenges and stimulation to keep things interesting.  If you’ve been working in the IT field for a long time you can learn still.  There are always new trends and new skills that you can learn to give yourself more challenge.  And when your employer finds out that you have taken the initiative on your own to learn something new you will be much more likely to get promote.  Some of the things you could consider learning include Cisco, Linux, or Exchange.

2. Get a certification.

Certifications have two benefits.  They make you more valuable at your current job and they make it easier to get a new job should the work environment change at the company you are working at.  Companies close up all the time and people get laid off.  Be prepared to go job hunting again by getting some of the certifications that are important in the IT field.  You may want to consider becoming certified in MCSE or CCNA, if you are not already.  Just think of how much more impressive your resume will be with those certifications on it.  And if there are layoffs happening at your company they will be less likely to let you go if you have some professional standing and show that you are interested in learning and taking on new challenges.

3. Be ready to step backwards before you step forward.

What does that mean?  It means that sometimes you have to take a lesser position in a company that is growing in order to find the opportunities to be promoted and to further your career.  Sometimes a company can only take you so far and if building your career is important you need to be able to recognize when you have gone as far as you can with a company.  Sometimes you have to leave a company in order to find the possibilities for growth and that might mean taking a pay cut or it might mean taking a position that is “below” you.