Updating a kitchen can get very expensive. You may start out with a budget, but it can get strained very easily, especially if you head to the kitchen display showroom. But one area that can add up is the back splash. That two feet or so between the counter and the base of the upper cabinets, can cost a small fortune if you choose expensive stone or tiles.

Cheap Backsplash Idea

Or even worse if you are faced with ugly tiles that you would have to rip out and then replace. Just the thought of that is enough to put it off right? But this may be an option you might want to consider. Faux tin tiles for the back splash

But as with most things in the kitchen, if you really take the time and do your homework, there are alternatives that will not cost you near as much, but still look good. A faux tin ceiling tile is a great way to cover a old beat up or popcorn ceiling in the kitchen, but did you know you can also get rolls of something similar to use as a back splash? A faux tin tile for the back splash that you simply roll out and glue.

You can get a PVC material, that comes in a roll, two feet wide and you just cut it to length, and glue it on. Simple as that. They usually recommend contact cement for this application, and it looks clean with no seams and can transform your kitchen almost instantly for a lot less money that tile or stone installation or the mess.

As with most of this things, the preparation takes the most time. Just make sure the area you are trying to cover is clean and free of grease and there are no lumps. This one is really important. Even though this material is pretty flexible any little nail head or lumps are going to show through, so get rid of any nail heads or lumps.

This faux tin back splash comes in many styles and colors, to look like tin or copper or something else. There are so many choices. You can get this in home improvement stores, but I found shopping online for something like this gave you a lot more choice, and many times it was cheaper.

Just follow the instructions that come with it, as to the best types of glue and the best way to use this product. But you can see by the picture that this would work well as a wall cover for a faux tin tile backsplash. You can even put it right over old tiles, if you don’t want to start ripping them down. As long as they are clean and there are no lumps it will work as it is not very thick.

This PVC material is easy to handle, and cleans well. So, if you are looking for a cheap alternative to cover up your old tiles or the wall for a back splash that will not break the bank, then this is just one other product that is on the market for the homeowner trying to update a kitchen on a budget.


You can also use the faux tin ceiling tiles as a back splash, but the patterns tend to be quite large, so buy purchasing a roll of this two foot wide PVC faux tile back splash, that is designed specifically for this job, it is already cut to the standard back splash size, and you just have to cut it with scissors to length and around your electrical outlets, and then glue it down.

Instant change to your kitchen. Sometimes just changing the back splash and some cabinet hardware or new counter can make a huge different. You don’t always have to rip out a kitchen to make it look good.