All Article Marketing Starts With A Blank Page

I realize that article writing and so called article marketing,can be a problem for some marketers so I thought I would suggest a tip or two that may help those who are struggling to get some articles written. This is a technique that you can use to write 1000 word articles without raising a sweat.

If you have not yet decided what type of affiliate product you are going to write about start by doing a search on Amazon. Just poke around but look for a niche that has lots of items with at least 10 customer comments with at least a 4 star rating. Those high ratings indicate that a customer was so happy with her purchase that she took the time out of a most likely busy life to return and write a comment. Once you have found an interesting product do some serious keyword research.

Good Article Marketing Starts With Good Keywords

Start with the Google Keyword Tool External but be sure to get to the tool through your free Google Adword account if you have one because you will be able to bring in 800 potential keywords compared to 100 in the tool you link to through a Google search.

Set a filter to filter out any keywords under 1000 local searches. This is an arbitrary figure that you can set at whatever level you are comfortable with. When finished download the list. Now go through those keywords and pick at least 12 to 20 that show promise by having a good monthly search and low competition. There a are a number of methods to automate this but it can be done manually.

Now paste those 12 to 20 words in an editor such as Notepad or Open Office Writer and put about 10 open spaces between them. Look them over and pick the best one for your primary keyword. Many times you will find that the primary keyword you started out with is not so good and in these new keywords you have found something better.

Watch carefully for the difference between singular and plural keywords because the difference in monthly searches can vary widely. Now your job is only to write a paragraph, just 3 or 4 sentences, for at least 6 of those keywords  plus a introductory paragraph and a closing paragraph. Just write these in your own words letting the reader know what you are trying to accomplish in your article.

Article Marketing Research Can Be As Simple As A Trip To Amazon

Research each of those keywords on Amazon. Watch for manufacturers descriptions and customer comments. Copy some of the information you find for each keyword and paste it under the keyword in your editor. Now read through the information you have found and rewrite it in your own words filtering it through your life's experiences and feelings.

This goes without saying but never ever copy text word for word and use it without rewriting it except for the occasional customer comment you can use as written if you add a comment  similar to, "One customer had this to say about those oversize tennis shoes". Don't be afraid to list both positive comments and negative comments that you find. Your readers will appreciate this.

In addition to finding all the information you need to write 3 or 4 sentences per keyword you can feel proud that you did not write one of those "cheezy" reviews where you make it sound like you have actually used a product when you have never been near it. You are a reporter gathering information and rewriting it in an interesting manner. There is hardly a subject that has not been written about at least once. Your goal should be to find good, interesting information that you can rewrite in an interesting manner which offers value to your reader.

If you follow this system you can quickly write a 1000 word article and solve your article marketing problem and if you are not careful you may find out that without realizing it you are on your way to a novel. In most cases you will never need all the keywords you started with. In addition now that you know so much about all those products you could actually write an article about each one.

If you find yourself some day completely lost about what you want to write about simply look around you. Is there a coffee cup on your desk? What is it made of? What are the most popular materials for coffee cups? How are coffee cups mass produced? Is China the main producer of coffee cups?

How do they add all those designs to coffee cups? What is the most comfortable handle size? How much liquid should the average coffee cup hold? How can I remove coffee stains from my favorite cup?  Will using strong detergents cause my favorite coffee cup to pick up unnatural tastes? What is a cup? Is a thing called a cup because it has a handle or does it have something to do with size or capacity?

When your done with the cup keep looking. Don't even get me started on printers, video cameras, external hard drives. Just jot down notes and then do a little searching to see if any of those products have potential.

Sorry for taking so much of your time but I hope this might give you some ideas. The worst cause of writers block and lack of  good article marketing is an empty page. Start writing anything and let it flow. You may discover you have a few New York Times best sellers hiding in there and who knows how many 1000 word articles. And every once in a while silently thank whoever it was that invented the word processor and put an end to the typewriter. Sorry Mr. Remington. You could go broke buying white out typo corrector and carbon paper. Carbon paper? What is carbon paper? When was it invented? Is it still available? Is carbon Sometimes I just can't help myself.

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