Using Video Marketing for Your Business

The first method I would recommend for exploding your current email address list is to use videos. This is definitely a free method and when you follow this short article you will end up ahead of 95% of the people out there. If you have not created your WordPress blog I'll address that at the end of this informative article. I expect you have already filmed your video and submitted it to YouTube. If you're not that far along just Google the best way to open an account and upload a YouTube video.

The very first thing you need to carry out is make certain that your video is optimized. I will talk about just a few tricks that I recommend. Everything I share with you is above-board and never a Black Hat tactic. After you film your video you'll want to place the name of your website towards the bottom of the video while it is playing. This can be done by adding a subtitle with the editing software. Many people just make use of Windows Movie Maker to make the necessary video edits.

Once you publish your video to YouTube you will be prepared to start optimizing. Just before you title your video look at Google's Keyword research tool and key in two to three of the keywords you prefer to use in your video title. You want to make sure and use phrases that will get traffic on the web. This is going to be helpful when folks do a search for your video.

The next essential piece will be the description, that's where most people really make a big mistake. On the first line you need your web URL address and be sure you have the http prefix. When you do this it will make the link clickable inside the description, using this method anyone who likes your video can go to your site.

Once you type in your URL, then leave one line blank and key in a brief description of your video and integrate your keywords just one time. I would come up with 3 sentences and then you can add one more paragraph to explain your site. The goal here is to steer people to your website for more information. Do not stuff the description with keywords, this will cause the search ranking to decline for the video. At this stage just add your keywords, pick your category, and be sure you pick the option for making your video public.

Once this is finished, you will want to open your free account at TubeMogul. This is actually a website which will disperse your videos across the internet for free. They will take you through the process of choosing which websites you would really like your video showing on. This service is remarkable for video distribution and the majority of people still aren't aware of it.

By distributing your videos regularly throughout the web this will help to bring customers to your web site. Once you begin sending all of this traffic just be sure you are capturing their email addresses.

And now to the final bit of the puzzle. I was able to increase my opt-in rate by roughly 250% overnight, by having only one software program. It was a pop-up software that's very professional and actually had people subscribing to my email subscriber list non-stop. Video is sizzling hot at this time and the suggestions above are a great way to take advantage of that.