Always Ask Someone - NEVER Just Pick A Name From A Phone Book.

If you are a homeowner, and especially if you are living in the Southern part of the United States - then what I'm going to suggest to you here concerning air conditioning or heating repairs will be some of the most simple, yet best advice that you've ever read online about air conditioning.

First let me tell you that I've been involved in the Heating and Air conditioning field for a long time.  I've been involved in that industry since 1995, and I've worked for several different companies and contractors during that time - and most of it was repairing residential or light commercial air conditioning systems.  I know quite a lot about how that industry operates, and I've been in some very difficult circumstances because of this.  Let me explain:

Lots of people have a very low opinion concerning the integrity or honesty of hvac or air conditioning service mechanics - and that low opinion is very often well deserved.  We live in a world that is rampant with greed filled materialistic persons who have almost no morals to speak of - it is what it is, and it will probably get worse now that our corporate overlords have tightened the choke hold in order to eliminate a middle class in favor of there being only an elite class and a slave class.

None of the macro level government shenanigans and billionaire conspiracies concern you or I when our air conditioning breaks down in the Spring or Summer.  This past month in Dallas, Texas - a woman died when someone stole her condenser so that they could scrap the metal, and probably, buy some crack.  When your air conditioner is down in a Texas Summer - you can die from this climate change heat.  Often getting either a repair or into some place with some refrigerated air is not a luxury, but a life saving experience.

What I'm hoping to tell you here is that I, personally, have worked for at least a dozen air conditioning service companies - and that at least half of those companies were ran by thieves, liars, and crooks who would simply over charge a customer, or sell them parts and services that they did not need to solve their air conditioning or heating problem.

So what do you do when your air conditioning is down, and you don't know who to call????


I hope I'm being clear here - when your air conditioner is down and you are hot as hades, you should not make the mistake of picking some random company out of the phone book to call for repairs - what you should do though, is pick up your phone and call someone local that you trust, and  ask them who they use, and if they liked the people that came out and repaired their air conditioner; and if they felt like they were honest, and if they felt like they got a good deal.

If you are brand new to a town or community - then go ask a neighbor who they use, and ask for the man or the company's phone number.  Your neighbor realizes that it's probably a good thing to be on good terms with you, and they should seek to be honest with you and give you good recommendations.  There will always be someone in any town that you can talk to and feel that they are trustworthy - ask them who to use, never just pick up a phone book and think that because the ad or design of their emblem or logo is nice, and their slogan is catchy - that because of that they are who you wish to call.

I hope that this has been helpful to someone - always ask around first before calling out an air conditioning service company to your home.  Someone somewhere will be very happy to tell you about their good experiences with honest workers and technicians.  Even more so - persons who feel as though they were cheated will be ever so pleased to tell you about their bad experiences with local service providers.  Ask around, and if you know you can trust someone - take their advice, and never just make a blind call from a phone book.

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Always ask a friend or neighbor for who to call.(57043)