The first is to capture how much your Mum means to you and above this is the hope that it will reflect something of your personality and of the recipients. Finding just the right photo cards is one way of doing this, but if you want to be certain you’ve got it exactly right then the best route to take is that of using your images to design your own card.

The act of sending greeting cards is one which has managed to survive in this multi-media age despite the fact that, logically speaking it really should have been superseded many years ago. The truth, however, is that no matter how quick and easy it is to send a text message, tweet or facebook update, the very ubiquity of these media detracts from any feeling of specialness if you choose them to send greetings on special days of the year. That’s why people still admit to feeling a definite thrill when they receive greeting cards, whether hand delivered or sent through the post. The fact that you’ve gone to the trouble of tracking down a card, writing it and sending it will underline whatever message it is that you’re hoping to get across, but finding exactly the right card will multiply this impact a thousand times over.

This is especially true when it comes to sending Mother’s day cards. The whole point of these cards is to let your Mum know that you don’t take her for granted. That you realise just how much time, trouble and emotion she’s expended on you since you were born and that, just because she’s always there with unconditional love it doesn’t mean that you’re going to make the mistake of taking her for granted. The fact that you’ve gone as far as making the effort of tracking down a card is one thing, but making sure you get exactly the right one is a step further, and is easier said than done. After all, you don’t want it to look as though you just grabbed the first card you came across, and yet there’s no getting away from the fact that many of those which are available in the shops are bland and boring at best. The way to get round this problem is to use your own digital images to create unique and individual photo cards. Whilst this would once have meant slaving away with photographs, cardboard and glue, the technology has now made it incredibly simple. All that you have to do is upload the image which you’ve decided is apt, and then utilise the user-friendly software to tweak and alter features such as the size and shape of the card until it’s exactly what you want it to be.

When you’re looking for Mothers day cards, and despairing of ever finding something which is just right for your Mum, then rest assured there is a way round this problem. Create your own photo cards using much loved images and you’ll be handing over a card which truly touches the heart.