Choosing valentine’s gifts can be much more difficult than choosing birthday or Christmas presents because of the weight of symbolism attached to them. Rather than just being an object or item which you think the other person will enjoy, they are deliberately selected to purvey a message of love and affection. Rather than going through the stress and turmoil of trying to find a gift which perfectly fits the bill, why not create your own in the form of a bespoke photo book.

The art of choosing suitable Valentine’s Day gift ideas lies in selecting something which is clearly deeply personal in nature. On this day more than any other it’s not about the amount of money you spend or the size and lavishness of the gift, it’s a question of putting in enough time and thought to give something which is perfectly suited to the recipient and to the sentiment which you wish to express. After all, Valentine’s gifts are given with the express purpose of letting your other half know exactly how much you feel for them, and so have to be romantic and personal in nature. Whilst the right piece of jewellery or a favourite box of chocolates may seem nice, they are also somewhat clichéd and demonstrate that you’ve tended to opt for the first thing you thought of, rather than really weighing up just what the other person means to you.

Of course, Valentine’s gifts for him are likely to be different to Valentine’s gifts for her, since a man’s idea of a romantic gift might be somewhat different from a woman’s. It’s a sweeping generalisation, but most men would probably prefer a gift which, as well as being attractive and meaningful is also somewhat practical in nature. In both cases, however, the most valued and touching gifts will be those which are deeply personal in nature, which reflect both your own personality and that of the person you’re giving it to. One way to ensure this personal touch would be to fashion your own gift, but many people balk at this suggestion on the grounds that nothing they could make would be of sufficiently high quality. Indeed, unless you are a trained a qualified craftsman of some sort, the chances of being able to make something which matches the manufacturing standards of a gift you’d buy in the shops are pretty slim. There’s a way around this problem, however, and it’s a path which has been opened up by the widespread take up of digital photography.

Digital images, once they’ve been captured, can be turned into many different objects, from key rings to canvas prints. These objects will all be personal on account of the image which is featured, whilst still being put together to the highest possible standard using top of the range materials. A photo book is a perfect example of a gift which is both highly personal but also of luxurious quality.

Take a look at the photo books on sale in a bookshop and you’ll instantly note the excellence of the way they’re put together: rich, glossy photographic paper, state of the art printing and expensive binding combine to produce an item which is of genuinely high quality. The same is true of a book which you put together using your own digital images. When you want to give a gift which sends a message of love and affection, what could be better than a volume which chronicles your relationship in images or, if you’re in the early stages of wooing someone, a book which features images of the places and things you’d like to share with them.

Making such a book is easy – simply upload your images and then take advantage of the fact that the software has been designed to make laying the pages out incredibly easy. Choose the number of pages, the size and shape of the book and the images, if any, which you wish to adorn the front and back covers. Once you’ve got a book which looks precisely right, you can decide if you want to add any words of love to go alongside the images.

A beautifully made photo book, showcasing the images of your choice in a professional manner, would stand out clearly amongst all the other Valentine’s gifts.