Using a vacuum to clean carpets, wood floors, furniture and drapes is a convenient way to pick up dust and dirt. Before the advent of the vacuum, floors would be swept to remove dust and debris and people would drag carpets, drapes and furniture outdoors and strike them with a beater to get the dust and dirt out. Thankfully, the vacuum came along to make light of that type of housework. Vacuums make it simple to get rid of pet dander, fur and dirt. Unfortunately, that debris stays inside the vacuum as tiny particles. When the warm exhaust air from the vacuum cleaner flows over the tiny bits it activates its scent, which usually turns out to be a terrible odor. The smelly exhaust air releases into the room and the area you just cleaned no longer smells clean. Freshening the air with a pleasant scent cover the pet odors and musty smells your vacuum is leaving behind.

Using your own scents cuts costs on commercially available vacuum deodorizers and allows you to choose a smell you love. A house that smells good gives off a warm and inviting aura. Personalized scents make you want to vacuum, just to catch a whiff of a nice smell in the room.

Before Adding a Scent to the Vacuum

Empty the bag into the garbage. This is best done outdoors to keep the dust and dirt from flying all over your house and settling back into the carpets, furniture, drapery and over the floors.

If you have a bagless vacuum, empty the dirt collection cup. Add a squirt of dish washing soap to warm water and mix. Dip a paper towel into the soapy water and squeeze out the excess water. Wipe the inside of the collection cup with the paper towel to remove the remaining dust, pet hair, pet dander and microscopic odor causing debris.

Remove the filter from the vacuum cleaner. Tap it against the inside of a garbage can to dislodge dust, fur and debris. Direct the spray from a can of compressed air at the filter and blow out as much dust and microscopic particles as possible.

Always make sure the vacuum cleaner is not plugged in when emptying the bag and collection cup or when cleaning the air filter.

Using Your Vacuum to Make Your Home Air Smell Good

Place 2 tablespoons of baking soda into a small bowl and add 8 to 10 drops of one of the following essential oils lemon, orange, sandalwood or cedar. Mix the baking soda and essential oil thoroughly. Pour the ingredients into the vacuum cleaner’s collection cup/bag. You can also sprinkle them on the floor and vacuum them up.

Place a natural cotton ball or 1 by 1 inch square of cotton fabric into a small bowl or onto a plate. Pour vanilla extract onto the cotton fabric or cotton ball until it is soaked. Place the fabric or cotton ball in the collection cup/bag.

Cut a facial tissue into four equal sized sections. Spritz your favorite cologne or perfume onto the facial tissue until it is thoroughly saturated and place the pieces into the vacuum bag or collection cup.

 Cut a scented dryer sheet into 1 by 1 inch or smaller sections. Place the pieces into the vacuum bag or cup. You can also cut the dryer sheet into tinier pieces, sprinkle them on the floor and vacuum them up.

Save 4 tablespoons of your used coffee grounds and spread them out flat onto a plate or baking sheet. Let them dry for a day or two. Pour the grinds into the cup/bag or sprinkle them on the floor and run the vacuum over them to suck the grinds into the vacuum.

Use a vegetable peeler to shave a scented candle. Fill a small bowl with the shavings and use your fingers to break the wax into tiny bits. Pour the candle bits into the bag or cup or vacuum the pieces up from the floor.

In a small bowl add 1 teaspoon of ground cloves, 1 teaspoon of ground nutmeg and 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon. Mix the ingredients thoroughly to blend. Add the spices to collection cup/bag or vacuum the spices up from the floor.

 Save lemon, grapefruit, lime or orange peels. Put the peels on a cookie sheet. Preheat the oven to 250 degrees. Place the peels into the oven for 15 to 20 minutes. Let them cool. Crush the peels with the back of a spoon to make small pieces or break them by hand. Dump the peels into the cup/bag.

 Place fresh cedar shavings into the bag or cup or place four or five scented cedar balls into the cup/bag. If you are using shavings, you can sprinkle them on the floor and vacuum them up.


 Place a pine branch with the needles on a layer of newspapers to dry. Let the pine dry for a few days until the needles are crisp and snap off. Strip the needles off the branch and pour 4 tablespoons of pine needles into the cup/bag or sprinkle them on the floor and suck them up. Place the remaining pine needles into a lidded glass jar, cap the jar tightly and set it aside for future use.

 Place a scoop of scented powdered laundry detergent into the collection cup/bag or pour the powdered detergent onto the floor and vacuum it up.

 Dry rose petals or lavender in a 250 degree oven for 15 to 20 minutes. Let the petals or lavender cool to room temperature. Run the flowers through a spice grinder. Add 2 tablespoons of baking soda and 2 tablespoons of ground flowers to a small bowl and mix the ingredients. Add the powder to the cup/bag or vacuum it up from the floor.

As the vacuum’s warm exhaust air passes over the scented materials it will send out fresh smelling air and deodorize your vacuum.

 Add more or less of any of the scented items you choose to make the scent lighter or stronger.

 Every time you change your vacuum cleaner bag or empty the collection cup, add new scented material.

Never add liquids or oils that haven’t been absorbed into baking soda, cotton balls, fabric or facial tissues.

Never add any flammables to a vacuum cleaner bag.