You are so stupid! are so beautiful!.....Just in those two statements you see the difference words can do and how they can make u feel. Words are containers for power. They can have the power to help an heal or they can hurt an destroy  people an relationships. Think back of any argument or fight you have been in. Those words that you spoke or someone spoke to you that were used in negative ways to hurt. Even though they are only words they have the power to scar and change lives. So are u watching what comes out of your mouth and the impact your words are having on those you come in contact with. This is just a reminder that your words can either be used to build others up or tear them down.


Also most successful people from Bill Gates to Donald Trump have talked about the power of positive words and thinking. So are you going around all the time confessing how much bad luck you have and wonder why? Or do you constantly make fun of others and bring them down just for laughs? But then find you have no real friends or no one there to help speak life and positivity into your life. Well take a look at your words and what you are speaking out. You can change your life just by changing the words you omit on a daily basis. Think of something that hurts worst than being made fun of or talked bad about. Are you feeling that pain now just by remembering those times in your life. Now think of a time or talk with a friend that someone said nice things about you, and how good it feels when people talk good about you and the difference it makes in your day.


So please take time and make it a habit to build others up and better your life. All of this will be achieved by the simple words that come out of your mouth. Are you sick and tired of always having nothing or feeling down? Well check the words you are proclaiming over yourself everyday and how that goes out and influences how others and more importantly how you view yourself and your life. I  love being around positive people and people who build me up and make life seem better just by how they talk and the words they speak. Let's all try to become like that and see what an impact it will have in your life. Remember the Power of life and death are in the tongue. How will you use the power inside your mouth?