Most PDA (Portable Digital Assistants) have storage capacity and software that allows them to function as a music player. This allows you to listen a variety of audio content such as MP3s of your favorite music, podcasts, audio books, and other audio files. In addition to PDAs, many smartphones such as Android devices, Blackberry devices, and iPhones can play audio files. This will turn your PDA device into a music player mobile device.


Determine how much memory your PDA or smartphone has on an external SD card. Usually you can figure this out by looking in the "Phone Information" or "Capacity" under "Settings" on the PDA or phone. You can buy larger capacity SD cards if needed.


Connect your PDA or phone to your computer using a USB cable. If the device does not support USB connections you can enable the Bluetooth on the PDA or phone. Enable Bluetooth on the computer under "Control Panel" or in the task bar. Wait for the computer to detect the PDA or phone. In many cases an external mass storage device icon will appear on the computer desktop. Note that some computers might require a PIN to be entered on the computer and on the phone to initiate Bluetooth pairing.

PDA as an MP3 Player

Double click on mass storage device icon which may be labeled as the phone or PDA. Look for a folder labeled "external storage," "SD card," or "removable storage." Choose one of these options. Locate the "music or audio" folder. If there is not one, right click and create a new folder. Label it music or audio.


Locate the music files on your computer that you want to place on the PDA. For example if you have iTunes, the files may be in the iTunes folder. Or they may be located in your Music folder on the computer.


Drag and drop or copy and paste the audio files into the music or audio folder on the device. Once complete right click on the mass storage device icon and select "Eject."


Disconnect the USB or disable the Bluetooth connection. On the PDA navigate to the music player or media player and you will be able to listen to the audio. In the event that the program does not find the files, you can go into the PDA's file directory and manually find the files under music or audio and click them to play.

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If your PDA is not equipped with an external speaker you'll need headphones, earbuds, or an external speaker system to connect the PDA to in order to hear the audio.