Screened Gazebos

If you love camping then a camping gazebo can make evenings in the woods enjoyable. 

With all the cool accessories you can now get for going camping, getting a camping gazebo can just put the icing on the cake.  No more having to coat yourself with soggy wet mosquito repellent, when all you want to do is read into the evening or play board games with the family.

You don’t have to dive into the tent to do this you can still enjoy the outdoors as long as you purchase the style of camping gazebo that concentrates on protecting you with insect screens.  Since this is the main reason for using one of these on your camping trip, then you need to get one that has all four sides totally screened in.

Set this up as soon as you arrive and put the picnic table or your chairs in it and keep it closed so that by evening there are no bugs in it.  These are great for eating in as well as any other activities.  You can now get bright camping lanterns that are led lights and you can also get portable lights for gazebos that can either be a soft glow to enjoy the evening or bright enough to read by.

So, if you would rather stay outside and enjoy the night breezes then consider getting a camping gazebo with the heavy duty screen sides so you can enjoy a bug free environment.  These are usually quite lightweight and easy to put up.  You can also purchase weight kits for these and other gazebos if you are in an environment where you can’t use typical gazebo tie downs or tent pegs. 

Camping is fun and relaxing, and with more and more fun and easy to pack accessories, you can enjoy the evening hours doing your hobbies and staying bug free.  If you like to camp in the woods, then you know just how annoying those bugs can be.   If you sit by your campfire, you may not be bothered by them as much, but some nights, maybe you don’t want a campfire but still like the idea of sitting outside, especially on hot nights, so consider getting a camping gazebo specifically designed to keep those bugs out.

Don’t come back dotted with bites, or have to dive into your tents at night early just to avoid those pesky insects.

These styles of camping gazebos pack well into a carrying case, making it easy to take camping gazeboone with you on that next camping trip.  Also take a look at some of the portable gazebo lighting that you may be able to take with you as well on that next camping trip and enjoy the comforts of home in the great outdoors. E-Z UP Express II 10 by 10 Screen Room

Do not leave food in these at night, as night time critters can easily rip through these camping gazebos and get at your food.  Put your coolers or food in your car and keep the area clean of food scraps.  

Having a camping gazebo can be a central area of a large family gathering as well.  A place, where everyone can hang out after a day at the beach or hiking and enjoy a relaxing time in comfort without bugs.

Use the camping gazebo as the central area and put the tents up around it.  Make sure to get everyone used to keeping the zippered door closed so that those pesky bugs don’t get inside.  Another great way to use them, is to have the door of your tent right up against the door of the camping gazebo.  This works well if you are in a really buggy area, and you want to head straight into the gazebo from your tent.

There are many ways of using these camping gazebos, but one thing for sure, is they are an affordable way to enjoy the evenings in the great outdoors without being eaten alive you could even bring your hammock!  Also see adding a Gazebo Bar to your backyard grill.