Filterless air purifiers really should be around in any household but still too many people haven´t even heard of all the health benefits these air purifiers can bring. Many people don´t realize just how poluted the air is around them, mainly because they have grown used to it, but if you just think about it for a minute, air is the most important thing that keeps us alive, so breathing in low quality air day after day, year after year, can only have a negative impact on our health.

Trying to improve the quality of the air outside is of course very complicated and it takes a lot of resources and cooperation from all the countries all over the world. However, you yourself can activily improve the air that you breathe in the biggest part of the day. Nowadays we spend a lot of time inside, either inside your own home, at the office or workspace.

This is where your opportunity lies to change the quality of the air you breathe, seeing that there are many air purifiers available that can adopt to your personal situation. One of these solutions is the filterless air purifier. This type of air purifier might be a little more expensive when you first buy it but later on down the line they prove to be more cost effective, saving you money and time for not having to buy the air filters to provide clean and fresh air.

There are huge differences between one air purifier and the next so if you are on the market of buying an air purifier to increase your wellness and that of your loved ones, please ensure you look around and inform yourself in order to know just what to look for.

What to Consider When Buying a Filterless Air Purifier

First have a look at the way you are going to use your new air purifier. If you are thinking of buying an air purifier to use just at specific moments, like for example if you want to clean the air after dinner parties or visits of people that have been smoking around your house. Another typical use can be to clear the air after somebody has brought pets along them when visiting your place. If this is the only use you are going to give to your air cleaning system, you might want to opt for a smaller and cheaper air purifier.

The smaller, less potential and more simple air purifiers will probably do the trick if you only need them on specific moments and shorter periods of time. They are perfect for these situation, however if you are going to use your air filter on a daily base you will probably want to opt for a higher quality stronger air filter.

If your goal is to not only take away nasty smells but also clean and purify the air you breathe every day and thus improving your health and wellness you should look into the more expensive range of air purifiers. That range of purifiers will prove to be much more cost effective on the long run and will provide you with a higher quality of air to breathe.

Filterless air purifiers are probably even a better option in this case, because you will save money for not having to buy expensive filters. Make sure you read up on opinions of users of the specific filter-free air purifiers and maybe ask around and see if any of your friends or relatives are already using an air filter. If that is the case you can always ask for their opinion, but especially on sites like Amazon, you will find a lot of user reviews on a whole range of air cleaning systems.

A little warning on the side; because of the increase in popularity there are a lot of knock-offs from high end filterless air purifiers on the market. Remember that cheap does not always mean they are bad quality, but the lower priced air purifiers must make cuts somewhere and the only way to tell is to have a close look at the technical information and compare that with other brands. This is also why it is so important to check opinions of users of the different air purifiers out there.

You really should check before buying because a lot of these purifiers are pretty expensive and you want to make sure you buy the right purifier for your situation.

Another thing to keep in mind is the capacity of the purifier you are going to need. Not only look at the potency almost more important whether the purifier can clean the size of the room you have that needs to be clean. Do you just want a single room to be filled with clean air, like for example your bedroom to ensure you sleep better, or do you want the aire in your whole home to be purified? This is a very important factor you need to consider, especially because it greatly influences the cost of the air purifier you are going to need. You don´t need to be a maths geek to understand that smaller capacity means a lower price.

Last but not least you must check the CADR of the air purifier you are thinking of buying. CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate. Every air purifier has a different CADR and the one with the higher CADR will purify the air in your home faster than one with a lower CADR. Higher CADR and a bigger capacity are of course going to cost you quite a bit more, but they can turn out to be a better investment on the long run.

Your lungs will thank you for the investment and you will probably see a lot more positive changes in your health, the longer you have an air purifier cleaning the air in your home, and you might even see changes you never expected. You might get a better rest during the night or you might feel cleaner and more active. And if you have a small air filter in your home office, you might even feel more productive and capable of dealing with those everyday annoying tasks you keep putting off.