You may need a walking cane to get around, however with the range of designs of folding walking sticks available you need never have to compromise your sense of style. The wide range of designs gives plenty of scope for personalisation, allowing you to express your personality and make a statement about who you are. Whilst many prefer classic designs and construction for their canes, a folding walking stick is one of the best options if you really want to go to town and get a highly fashionable and cool cane. Whilst many see the folding walking stick as a convenient option for travel and holidays, the range of styles and Hi-Tec materials used in construction mean that they are an ideal replacement for a more traditional walking cane for everyday use.

folding walking stick style

Folding walking canes used to simply offer convenience; however there has been an explosion of styles in recent years, with a model, style and colour scheme to suit all tastes - If you can imagine a design, it's probably available on Amazon. If you are partial to paisley, love leopard skin or fantasize about floral prints, are all heavily featured throughout the range, in addition to more traditional colour schemes with wooden, black and metallic finishes if you are not feeling particularly flamboyant.

The colours and finishes are sure to impress, however the primary concern when purchasing should be comfort. The choice of walking stick handle is one of the most important decisions to make. Each person has their personal preferences, with the Fritz and Derby handles the most popular choices. The Fritz is an industry standard, offering a comfortable design ideal for everyday use. However for practicality, the Derby is a great option, with a curved handle ideal for hooking over an arm when you need to get your wallet out or rummage around in your purse. However if you need to use your walking stick all the time, an ergonomically shaped handle is the most comfortable. Whilst the design looks a little strange, the handle is designed to fit perfectly in the palm of the hand, closely matching the anatomy and ensuring the wrist is kept straight and the weight is evenly distributed to avoid fatigue in the muscles. For anyone with weak wrists it is a godsend, however make sure you choose the right model – they are sold in right and left hand models.

derby handlefritz walking stick handleergonomic walking stick handle

A comfortable and stylish folding walking cane will ensure the maximum usage, however before you choose a folding walking stick, you need to be sure that the construction is up to the task at hand, and that it will offer the strength to take the full body weight. A broken cane can result in serious injury; however with modern materials the strength has been greatly increased. The standard cane design will support up to around 250 lbs of weight, which is ideal for most users. However for those who carry a few extra pounds, or who require the cane to take the full body weight, reinforced canes are available taking the maximum up to 600 lbs. Whilst this may seem like overkill, it is important to remember that the forces acting on the cane are not equal to your body weight, with the cane often having to take even greater forces.

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Whilst telescopic walking sticks are one of the most practical choices, they rarely offer the strength to give total peace of mind, and whilst fine for a little support they are not designed to take the full weight, and are liable to snap or buckle. The best designs for strength are screw fittings, although they can be a little more difficult to disassemble, especially if you have weak wrists. Many choose a folding walking stick which collapses into 3 or 4 segments, each connected through a central cord. The locking mechanism is strong, the design easy to take apart and reassemble, and the lightweight construction the most practical in most cases.

To keep the weight to a minimum without sacrificing durability, look for a carbon fibre cane, and make sure that it can be adjusted to the desired height. Then you have the full freedom to choose from the bright and beautiful designs for a highly personal mobility aid, safe in the knowledge that it will be able to give you the maximum support, with a construction which will stand the test of time.