Great for Hotels

Taking a portable clothesline with you when you travel is a great way to not over pack.

Unless you don’t mind paying for Laundromats or the hotel laundry services or dry cleaning, it can be nice to be able to quickly wash out your “unmentionables” or that favourite blouse or a few things in the sink and just hang them up to dry.

This usually means trying to drape things over the radiator or room heater, but you can get these portable clotheslines that work well.  They are stretchy and will go from door knob to door knob or anything in the room you can attach to.  Plus the stretchy line material will hold onto your clothes without clothespins, and can stretch quite far for lots of room.

I like these because you can just throw them in your suitcase they don’t take up much room, and can be a great way to limit how much you actually pack for your trips.

If you are renting a cottage or even camping and are not sure of the accommodations when it comes to hanging up towels or hand washing a few items, this type of portable clothesline can really come in handy.  This one looks like a skipping rope but works well and packs easily.

Using a Laundromat can be a good idea too, but you usually need a full load to get your money’s worth, and if you have any delicates, then you are not going to want them in the Laundromat. 

Throw one of these portable clotheslines in your suitcase and don’t take as many clothes.  If you want to limit the size of your suitcase for that trip you are taking, then throw one of these lines in the case, and make a point of doing a bit of hand washing to get you through your trip without carrying your laundry everywhere with you, and then trying to scrounge for something to wear by the end of the week of your vacation.

If you are in a hotel, you can wash out a few things before you go to bportable clotheslineed, and stretch this line out either in the bathroom, or in front of the heater or somewhere where there is some air flow, and by morning they will be dry.  Just take down your line and throw it in your suitcase.  This can be a brilliant idea for travelling with small children. 

When camping, instead of bringing that big rope and trying to tie it between two trees (if there are any trees at your site) you can simply stretch this line out and hook it onto anything and now you have a quick line for drying all the towels after swimming and a place for everyone to throw their bathing suits, instead of a crumpled pile on the ground.

You can get this style of portable clotheslines in most department stores but you can also get this style of stretch line online at such sites as Amazon.Rick Steves Clothesline, White

I find these handy to have anywhere I go.  Even if you rent an apartment it can be nice to quickly have a line to dry your clothes on, that can be quickly rolled up and put away in a drawer.  This is great if you just don’t have the storage room for any other type of portable line.  Just stretch this one out and hook it onto to points and now you can quickly throw a few hand washed items on the line.  Also see portable umbrella clothesline.