Take The Hassle Out of Dressing When You Use a Wardrobe Planner

You can eliminate one major stress each morning when you use a wardrobe planner. What is a wardrobe planner? Simply a calendar that you use to mark down the clothes you will be wearing each day.

In order to get dressed, without stress, each morning, you are going to plan your entire week’s clothing at once, and write it down on your wardrobe planner calendar. I did this for years, when I worked outside the house, and it made for pleasant mornings. Since I put an effort into planning the outfits I wanted to wear, and not just wearing what was already pressed, I was more put together. Using a wardrobe planner calendar enabled me to get dressed without stress, and begin each day with an upbeat, successful attitude. Best of all, I was wearing well thought out outfits, and not the same outfits repeatedly.

Before you Begin Filling Out Your Wardrobe Planner

Wardrobe Planner – Clean Out Your ClosetCredit: Southerngirl09

Before beginning to fill out your wardrobe planner, take time to clean out your closet. Set out two large bags or boxes, one for resale items, and one for charity. Place a pen and paper nearby to make notes of items that need replacing, cleaning, or repairing. Seriously consider each item in your closet and whether you intend to wear it again. Now is the time to weed out the clothes that no longer reflect your image, those that are too big, or perhaps too small, or those pieces that are just not you anymore. Trying them on will help you make the best decision. As you proceed to clean out your closet, hang the items you will be keeping, back in the closet, fold the clothes that you will no longer be wearing, and pack them up to take to charity. Almost new, gently worn, and stylish clothing can sometimes be sold in a resale shop. However you dispose of them, they will benefit someone, and not just take up valuable space in your closet. Sort through the clothes you are keeping, put together outfits, and hang these together in the closet. You will be choosing from these outfits, when filling out your wardrobe planner.

Now that you have sorted through your clothing, and before you begin filling out your wardrobe planner, pull out your accessories, and go through them. Check over your handbags, belts, scarves, gloves, hats, and sort through them. Look at the outfits already matched together in your closet, and make note of any replacements or additions needed. Any accessories, you will no longer be using, can be placed in either the charity bag or the resale bag.

Next, pull out your shoes and boots, since they should also be noted on your wardrobe planner. Again, try them on, and make a note of the ones that need to be replaced, repaired, or polished. Place the ones you will no longer be using in the appropriate bag for disposal.

And don’t forget the jewelry box – any costume jewelry, you no longer wear, can either be taken apart, to make into new pieces, or placed into one of the outgoing bags. (There are lots of classes, books, and online instruction on how to make jewelry. Maybe a new hobby?) And the ‘good stuff,’ you no longer wear, could be sold to pick up some extra cash.

Good job! Your closet is now more ‘user friendly,’ since you have gotten rid of pieces you are no longer wearing. Before sending the bags and boxes off to their destinations, check the hall closet for any coats that are no longer being worn.

Now, Let's Make a Wardrobe Planner

A Wardrobe Planner CalendarCredit: Southerngirl09

Things You'll Need

Calendar to use for your wardrobe planner


Writing tablet

Begin your planning. Since workdays typically start on Monday, and end on Friday, we will work on the wardrobe planner on Saturday. 

Mark on you wardrobe planner calendar any appointments, meetings, travel, etc. for the next week. Start with the next day, Sunday, and go through until the next Saturday.

Select clothes for each day of the upcoming week, taking into consideration the commitments marked on your wardrobe planner calendar. After selecting your clothing, accessories, shoes, and jewelry, you are set for the week. Check each outfit to make sure it is ready to wear. Press any items that need pressing, stitch any items that need stitching, and wipe off or polish the shoes you will be wearing. If you change purses with each outfit, get them out, too. Group your outfits together in your closet for instant access.

Wardrobe Planner - Getting Your Suitcase ReadyCredit: Southerngirl09

If you are traveling in the upcoming week for business, get your suitcase out, and pack everything, except your hang up clothing. If you travel frequently, make a list of items you normally carry, and keep it in your suitcase. Then, when you pack, just check off the items.

When you plan your vacation travel, make up a wardrobe planner sheet, listing the clothing you will need, what day it is to be worn, and place it in the suitcase. Do this for each member of the family, and you will then be assured that everyone has everything they will need. (And of course, always allow an extra outfit, or two, when traveling, to cover any mishap.)

Use a Wardrobe Planner – No More Last Minute StitchingCredit: Southerngirl09

Imagine how much time, and stress, you will save each morning when you use a wardrobe planner and know exactly what you are going to wear. The frustrating time you spent trying to match up an outfit, stopping to press, or sew on a button, will be gone forever. Using your wardrobe planner, and planning ahead, will help you to start your day stress free and on a positive note.  (Now, if I could think of a way to fix hair on Saturday, and not have to worry about it until the next weekend, I’d be a magician and rich!)

Children and a Wardrobe Planner - They Go Together

Wardrobe Planner - Days of the Week Closet Organizer Sold on AmazonCredit: Courtesy of Amazon

Children outgrow their clothes so fast; so, follow the same procedure you used in your closet, before filling out a wardrobe planner. Those outgrown children’s clothes could help another family provide clothing for their kids. So, sort them out, just as you did you own, and make note of what needs to be replaced.

Talk to your children about selecting clothing for the next week, give them a wardrobe planner calendar, set down with them, and help them to do the same planning that you just did. No more surprises in the morning; they will have a wardrobe planner calendar with their clothes listed on it, and everything will be ready for them to wear. For children too young to understand the wardrobe planner calendar, purchase a closet organizer that can be hung in their closet. Place their clothes for each day into its proper slot, and they can get dressed without stress, too, which will benefit both of you.

In Closing

Using a wardrobe planner will enable you to quickly get dressed without stress, from head to toe, and be ready to take on the day. No longer will you start your day off with the bang and clang of your dresser drawers and the closet door opening and closing. No more last minute searching for just the right outfit to wear to that important meeting at the office; it is already selected and noted in your wardrobe planner.

Two other jobs have now been accomplished:  you have cleaned and organized closets, and you have made a shopping list for things that need to be purchased. Keep this list in your purse so you will know exactly what is needed when you shop sales. And, of course, you will have a list, in case someone asks for gift suggestions. A wardrobe planner calendar can make your life so much simpler!