Home, home on the range!

Almost every little girl or boy thinks they want to grow up to be a cowboy.

Western BedroomCredit: blog.westernpassion.com

It’s such a romantic idea and really what’s wrong with being a cowboy?  Cowboys are typically very hard workers, love animals, can ride a horse really well, and are always so good looking!  Right?  We won’t think about the ones that can curse like a trooper and like to get into fights to prove how tough they are…  Let's just remember the good cowboys and cowgirls like Roy Rogers and Dale Evans! 

Well, if your child is truly obsessed with becoming a cowboy or cowgirl and thinks that living out on the open range is what they should do, then let’s help them achieve it.   You probably don’t happen to live where he or she can live out their dream, places like Wyoming or Montana, but you can do make it happen for him or her!  Dreams of the Old West can really come to life in your child's bedroom just by using a western theme for decorating.  

Before you begin, I suggest that you watch a few old, old Western movies and look at the movie sets.  Look at all of the props they used to create the scenes to make it look more “authentic.”  Make a note of the props used to hang on the walls such as horse tack, spurs, and ropes.  What kind of curtains did they use?  Look at all of the decorations, lights, dishes, etc. and get all of the suggestions you can that might inspire your creativity. 

Here are a few suggestions that you can use to help you decorate the room that aren’t very costly.  We all know that this phase may only last a for a short time so you don’t want to invest in a lot of money or even time if you think it’s going to be short-lived.  It’s helpful to decide on a budget because you will find yourself running into western looking items all of the time and pretty soon you will have more decorations than you need and what you actually and planned on in your budget.  By having a clear plan and list of what you want to do, you will save money!

Here are few suggestions that might get your creative juices going:

Begin with the walls of the bedroom as this can typically be your biggest expense. If you have good carpentry skills find some old wood planking or boards to use for a wainscoting.  Put themup  around the whole room about 30" in height or on just a couple of walls that aren’t covered with furniture.  Another idea is to use the planking as a focal wall and then just paint the other walls. Planking can be found out in rural areas when people tear down old buildings.  This might not be available to you so you might consider other options.  If you can't find old wood planks or boards you can use rustic looking paneling board found at your do-it-yourself center.  Another great option is use wallpaper.

Another idea is to use 1x4" boards and create a "corral fence" along the walls. Use three boards lengthwise along the wall spaced about 18" apart and then add a board that is upright for the fence post in the center and on the corners.  Just paint the walls a rustic color first and then add the “fence.”  Faux painting or ragging will also give your walls a more rustic look.

Now paint the ceiling dark blue and add a few stars! 


Covered Wagon(43714)Credit: lucyquilting.blogspot.com

Window coverings can really set the western theme in the room as well.  They can be as simple as wooden mini-blinds with a variety of topper ideas.  The toppers can be very simple and made of bandanna fabric or burlap on a curtain rod.  You can take old blue jean pockets and staple them to a 10” board cut the width of the window and mount it with simple L brackets. Use simple curtains and decorate with raffia, western cutouts, rope, and bandanna fabric bows. Use your imagination!  For a real Old West flavor, you can create a window treatment that looks like the back of an old covered wagon with some creativity and a little bit of work.

Cute IdeaCredit: smartdecorpainting.com

Here are some other ideas that you can build on:

  • Consider replacing the closet doors with swinging "saloon" type doors.
  • Use horse shoes for hooks on the walls and in the closet.
  • Purchase a roll of sisal rope at your local hardware store and use it as to trim a wainscot or run it around the top of the walls at the ceiling, doors, etc.
  • Stencil western symbols such as boots, cowboy hats, horse heads, and stars on the walls as a border near the ceiling and around windows and doors. Use a contrasting color to really make them stand out!
  • Miscellaneous decorations can include old cowboy hats, boots, lariats, spurs, etc., all of which may be found in thrift stores. Hang these on the walls, on the bedposts, over the window, etc. 
  • Find replica pictures of horses and old west cowboys.  Old local rodeo posters are a lot of fun to use! 
  • Use a giant wooden rocking horse to really set the room off in Western style.
  • Use an old wooden box or old metal wash tub for toys or shoes. (Make sure there are no sharp edges exposed on the metal.)
  • Antique the furniture to give it a rustic look.
  • Paint doors a “wood” color.
  • Use Western themed light fixtures and lamps.
  • Use Western colors such as red, brown, tan, and splash of blue. 
  • The new big metal stars are easy to find and look great in a Western bedroom.
  • Find little wooden crates to hang on the walls for book shelves or use old wooden boards.
  • Use "wanted posters" to showcase pictures and photo’s of your own little Buck-a-roo!
  • Use Western themed bedding such as jeans quilts, brown suede fabrics, etc.
  • A hardwood floor with a giant rag rug is the perfect finish!

Once you have an idea of what you want you can start looking for your items.  Set out for flea markets and your local décor stores.  Western themed items are quite popular everywhere.  There are also lots of places online to order replica’s of western products and make sure you check the auction sites! 

Yahoo!  Let's move in!