Helping the environment with a wormery has never been this fun

When you were a kid and you told your mother you want to keep worms as pets, she might have sent you to bed without any supper. But if you told her that you wanted to use worms for your wormery project, she will love you a lot more. What’s a wormery? A wormery is an organic fertilizer production system that utilizes earthworms. The worms’ job is to break down biodegradable organic kitchen waste and produce vermiculture, also known as vermicompost, a great organic fertilizer.

Here’s another reason your mother will love you for playing with earthworms. A third of all the waste material that is contained in the world’s landfills could have been used in a wormery to make fertilizer. That means that by using a wormery you are actually doing your part in saving the environment, you’re reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. If all the people in the world would do the same then the world’s landfills would only be at most 2/3’s full, and everybody would have a lot more fertilizer to make the environment a lot better.

Earthworms have a vital role in the earth’s well-being. They are responsible for creating almost all of the world’s arable land, if not for them the earth would just be a lump of rock floating around in space. There are almost a thousand different species of earthworms, and they all like to eat through organic matter and make compost. In a thriving wormery it is not at all surprising to see 500 worms balloon into more than 9000 in a year.

You can basically categorize earthworms into two groups. The first group is the “earthworker” types; these are worms that are not particularly crazy about eating a lot of decaying organic matter. And then there are the “composters”, these are the worms that you want to have in your wormery, these worms practically love to live in damp environments that are filled with rotting organic waste matter.

To start you own wormery, you will need the basic wormery kit and a few simple tools. A wormery basically just consists of a container to hold the worms, bedding materials that let air circulate in the container (shredded paper is best), organic food for the worms that came with the kit, and of course the all important earthworms. The preferred worm species that are best for use in wormeries are the red, blue, and tiger earthworms.

For the first few days the worms should only eat the food that came with the kit, but once they get used to their new environment you can throw in any organic food scraps you want. The only things that you should not feed the worms are animal by-products and animal meat. If you wanted to add manure to get the process of making compost kick started, make sure that it is properly aged and dried out.

By creating your own wormery, you not only reduce the amount of waste that leaves your household, you also produce your own free fertilizer, saving you money on gardening supplies.