As I try to organize my yard this season, I decided I need to do something about the hundred feet of hose I have basically laying in a tangled heap on the ground at the side of the house. 

But I want something a little different yet robust as the original thin metal reel came off the wall years ago.  I came across a wrought iron garden hose holder that I thought would be the answer.

Up until now I have resorted to those flimsy metal half circle ones that you basically loop the hose over the thing and it hangs there on the wall in a neat loop ready for next time.  The problem is that they just don’t seem to be able to take the weight or last very long.

Or they would not stay on the reel.  That was really annoying especially with a 100 feet of hose.  You would get half of it on there and then it would simply fall forward and land on my feet.

They either fall off the wall mid looping or basically rust or fall off for something to do.  I don’t like to attach something to the house more than once, so I started researching ways to hang the hose on the wall of the house by using something very robust and yet very decorative in a simple kind of way.  I wanted something very easy and quick to use without it falling off.

wrought iron garden hose holderCredit:
HH-WM Hose Holder
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(price as of Aug 7, 2015)
I love how simple this looks.

Garden Hose Holder Wall Mount

I came across this particular one while searching online and it is a wall mounted one.  There are many more decorative and ornate ones, but I truly just want a simple yet robust way to hang the hose on the wall.  After having it fall into an untidy pile after the last one feel off the wall, I figured it was time for something better.

I checked around at the garden stores and home improvement stores and they sold all kinds of portable alternatives, such as one on wheels, but I just wanted something for the side of the house. It wasn’t until I started looking online that I found what I wanted.

So, this year I will not have it in a pile on the ground, I will now have a great place to loop it, and keep it off the ground.  It always seems that part of the yard is my messy part, a place where things get tossed to stay out of the way, but not this year; my goal is to make all sides of the house neat and tidy!

It doesn’t hurt to do a bit of research when you are looking for something.  Simple for me is better and yet many of my local garden centers were selling complicated and expensive.  So, don’t forget to check online when you are shopping for anything outdoors.  There is a larger assortment of products to choose from, and many times your local garden center will actually have a presence online.  They can’t carry everything in their physical stores.

So, if this is the year you intend to beautify and organize your yard, but money is tight, then check out all the ways you can not only clean and organize but setup a space just for you without major renovation and construction.  As I was researching for a wrought iron garden hose holder I came across lots of other great ideas for the yard, such as portable outdoor floor tiles, and outdoor privacy screens to create an instant patio.  There are so many affordable ways to enjoy your yard this year.  I am also considering an outdoor movie screen so that I can sit in the yard and enjoy movies on the big screen.

So, get out there and enjoy your garden and take a look online at all the cool things you can get to make life easier and fun.