Most people these days are looking for a way to save cash. Your vehicle is probably one of the big cash eaters in your home so anything you can do to reduce its running costs or maintenance costs is a bonus. At the same time we are saving money we do not want to create a larger expense in the future by cutting corners, this is why when it is time to change your oil you should still make the change and not put it up. But, you can save substantial cash by making the oil change yourself if you are so inclined.

Historically you would have to purchase equipment to change the oil. This includes a set of ramps to safely lift the car and a suitable oil filter wrench to remove the old filter. Changing the filter at the same time is necessary to avoid contaminating the new oil with the left over previous motor oil which quite a lot can be held in the filter, not to mention the filter will not be working at maximum efficiency if it has been used for several thousand miles.

Oil change pumps can be used to make this process easier for the novice. They work by creating a vacuum which sucks the oil out of the sump. By feeding a tube down the dipstick shaft it is possible to extract the oil without getting under the car. These devices make the process a lot simpler but it can take longer and be a more fiddly process. You may have to recreate the vacuum several times. It can be tricky to get all of the oil out this way to end someone with experience of changing the oil by removing the drain plug would find this method a bit of a faff. But it is good for the beginner. Two popular brands of oil pumps are made by Pela and Topside. They can be used to suck liquid out of any difficult to reach area and are not restricted to use just in car. Boat engines are also a popular application for them.

One thing an oil extractor and cannot help you with is changing the oil filter. You will still need to get an appropriate wrench but these do not cost much and if you buy an adjustable oil filter wrench you will be able to use it on many different cars. However you decide to make the change don't choose an inferior brand of oil. The only way to get a cheap oil change is by doing it yourself.