You probably joined affiliate program, choose a product to promote, and built website and a landing page. If you already done all these things then next thing that you need is traffic to your website. With affiliate programs you cant make money if you don’t have traffic or in other words visitors coming to your site. One of the ways you can use to generate traffic is by classified ads sites. Classified ads can be very helpful in bringing targeted traffic to your website.

The traffic you get from classified ads is targeted because visitor in the first place searched for a certain product or service that he needs on a classified ads website. On classified websites ads a re grouped in categories. Those categories can be for example: real estate, business opportunities, health and beauty products, computer hardware etc. So when a visitor comes to your site from a classified ads website you can be sure that he is looking for the product or service you are promoting or very similar. Using classified ads to bring targeted traffic to your website is easy but still there are few guidelines you should follow if you want to achieve better results.

First of all you should find a classified ads site that are worth posting on. There are hundreds even thousands classifieds sites on internet, but not everyone of them can be of use to you. Some of them get a high volume of targeted traffic that you can divert to your website while others may be not worth posting on because there is much less traffic and you your ad will get very little. The best way to choose the best is join many of them and start posting your ads. Those classifieds websites that bring the most traffic to your website are the ones you should stick to.

You should carefully read the terms of service to every one of this websites and make sure you. These terms of service explain what you can and can not do. These rules may be common for all sites such as forbidden posting of ads about pornography, firearm, gambling etc. but some of them may be unique for the specific site so make sure to red them thoroughly and follow them. If you don’t follow this rules you could get banned and lose your privilege to post your ads.

Write your ads to grab attention from the readers. The headlines are the most important part of your ad. When people are reading classified ads first thing they notice is headline. It must be interesting and make visitor curious and he will read through your entire ad and click on the link and visit your site. Besides this your ads should not be misleading and should contain description of the benefits of product or service you are promoting. You should use every trick to grab the attention of the readers that the classified ads site is offering such as inserting pictures in the ad, using bold, italic and underlined text and other to make your ad stand out from the rest.

Other important thing to remember when using free classified ads is that the success doesn’t come overnight. You should post regularly on the sites that have many visitors. One can’t expect to publish one ad and see customers swarming to your website in a matter of minutes. Success with free classified ads comes with hard work and patience.